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I started this as a personal reference guide but I decided to expand it to be something available to the general public of GamerParadise. Feel free to copy and paste these in threads you find applicable. This is kinda for me so I don't have to type out a response to necrobumping or when someone asks which DS cart to get. There are a few sections I might need help with, like the R4i suggestion part.

Terms and Rules - These are the rules you agreed to when you joined IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE. These rules are not an exhaustive list. There is no way you could expect us to have a perfect list of everything you could do to get in trouble on GamerParadise. Use common sense and you will be fine.

WAREZ - Illegal content, ROMs, ISOs, websites that host illegal content, illegal torrent files, free anime streaming sites, etc, are all illegal here on GamerParadise . You may not post or link to them. This is done to ensure our community lives on. Remember Demonoid? ISOHUNT? All taken down because they hosted Illegal content. You will be warned for posting links or files that are illegal.

"Freedom of Speech" - The internet's headcanon of freedom of speech: "I can say whatever I want because I have a right to my opinion". Well what it actually means is this.
You have neither here on GamerParadise. We are not required to grant you any freedom of speech, nor will we abide by any. Although social media sites like Facebook or GamerParadise might seem like an ideal public forum for posting unpopular or controversial content, as private companies, we are technically free to delete or otherwise censor any content they deem offensive. You can and will be punished by the powers that be if we decide you are in the wrong. NSFW content, arguing, namec calling, racial slurs, warez, among other things will most certainly be removed and possibly get you a warning.

Staff Decisions - Staff decisions are not up for negotiation. If we close a thread, lock you out of a discussion, give you a warning, etc, these are final.

Patreon - Hosting a website is not free. We decided to set up a Patreon for members who would like to give back to our community. The GamerParadise Patreon is in no way a charity in any way. Members are free to give as much or little as they please, or even none at all. Paying members gain access to our Patreon forum board where we will have raffles and give-aways sponsored through the money the community gives back. Please note that not a single staff member makes any money from this Patreon.

Changing the title of your thread - This is not intuitive if you are a new member. If you need the title of your thread changed after you have published it, please contact a staff member or report your post.

Private Messages (PM) - New users will not be able to send PMs right away. You must reach a certain number of posts before you are able to freely use the PM system.

Bumping and necrobumping - Bumping topics up to the top of the forum list is not allowed. If someone has a response to your thread, they will post. If you have new information to add to your thread and you are the last member to post, edit your last post. Do not create a new post.
If a particular thread has been dead for a reasonable amount of time, please create a new thread to address the issue. Use common sense. If the OP of a thread over a couple of years old, chances are the thread is no longer relevant. Check to see if the OP even still frequents GamerParadise. Be mindful of when the OP posted and when the last post in the thread were posted. I can't tell you how many times I have had people bring up very very old news only to be reminded that the OP was 5 years go, and the topic creator hasn't been around these parts of the web for 3 years.

Replying with images/GIFs - If you reply with an image or gif, there is a good chance you will be reported and your post deleted. If you end up in the moderator queue enough times, someone will notice and you will probably end up with a warning or suspension. Other "no content" posts like "lol","first", or an emoji post also ends up in the same category.

Reporting posts - If you need help with something, report the post in question. Write a detailed note along with the reported post and the mod staff will deal with the post as we see fit. Unhelpful reports more than likely just piss us off and get rejected. We are not going to do anything if you report a post with the comment "piracy" or "you know what to do." A detailed report goes a long way, and the staff take notice of who write frequent detailed reports.

@staff tags - Just a note, as far as I know, most of the staff have our "@nametags" turned off. If you need something, report the post in question or send a PM.

Contacting the staff - Admins Costello and Shaunj66 deal with big site issues, and don't really have time to help you.
Account issues, name changes, 2 factor help, contact a Supervisor.
Thread title changes, thread closures, spambots, etc can be handled by the Global Moderators.

Warning forgiveness - If you have old outstanding warnings, you can appeal to a staff member to remove them. A year of good behavior is usually good enough to get your warning reduced by 10%.

Which flashcart should I buy to play DS games on my 3DS? - One of these:
R4i for baseline NDS rom support, as well as other homebrew like Moonshell. Cheap and affordable.
DSTWO+ for extra functionality. It does drain your battery more, but you can run free cheat as well as other processor intensive programs. Supports GBA and SNES emulation. Has Gateway launcher mode, but I do not suggest using this. Much more expensive, but comes with a better menu and software support.

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