Final Fantasy III —Guide and Walkthrough (SNES)


"You think a minor thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in?"
- Sabin Rene Figaro


I. Author's Note and Forward
II. Revision History
III. Characters
IV. Walkthrough - World of Balance
V. Walkthrough - World of Ruin
VI. Esper Listing
VII. Spell Listing
VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
ix. Credits and Special Thanks
x. Legal Information

I. Author's Note and Forward

Final Fantasy VI is still, after all these years, a widely popular game.
This file is a complete walkthrough of the entire game from beginning to
end with all side-quests and relevant material covered. Though there are
a great many walkthroughs scattered all over the internet, there is not a
single document containing all of the most asked questions regarding the
game. To that end, this file's second purpose is a comprehensive section
answering all of the most frequently asked questions.

Due to the very nature of this guide, it is filled with spoilers. If you
do not want the story spoiled outright, it is suggested you stop reading.

The following are several documents that are basically the most informative
of their kind:

- The Mynock's Guide to Final Fantasy III
- MasterZED's FF3us Monster Stats Guide
- Terii Senshi's Algorithms FAQ
- Tze Jo's Micro FAQ
- Robert Page and Jay Yamamoto's FF3/6j Low Level FAQ
- SharkESP's Final Fantasy Three Low Level Game FAQ
- Atom Edge's Item and Equipment Guide

GameFAQs <> has them
all listed for your convenience. The Mynock's is the best guide for Final
Fantasy III out there. Master ZED's Monster Stats guide contains every
possible attribute an enemy has. Terii Senshi's FAQ covers how the game's
internal mechanics calculate damage, etc. Tze Jo's FAQ has various useful
bits of information (containing a very detailed explanation of the Cursed
Shld). Both Low Level FAQs are extremely detailed (worth a read even if
you are not performing a low level game). The last contains a detailed
listing of all items found in the game, their attributes and all possible
locations (also written by myself).

Additionally, both Terii Senshi and MasterZED each run a website which have
even more in-depth information. They are:

- Terii Senshi's RPG Page <>
- ZED's Unoriginal White Sheet <>

If you need to know something about the game, and you can't find it here,
you'll be able to find it in one of those seven documents or two websites.

Onto the guide.

"Seek knowledge by questioning widely; set aside aversion and reluctance.
What loss is there in dignity, what worry is there of failure?"
- Zhuge Liang, Kongming

II. Revision History

--- Work on this guide began on the 1st of August, 2002 ---

Version 1.0 - from 1 August 2002 to 16 December 2002 - 262 kb
- Original draft
- Initial release (though it should have been released several months
ago. Procrastination is the enemy of all.)

III. Characters


-- Background Information --

Terra is a half-Esper, half-human hybrid. When she was still a infant, the
Esper realm was attacked by Emperor Gestahl, and she subsequently fell into
his hands. Trained since then to be a killing machine, she was a virtual
slave to the Empire. On a mission to recover Tritoch, she eventually has a
slave crown removed and is no longer under anyone's influence.

As events unfold, Terra fights along the Returners to defeat the Empire.
When the world is torn asunder as Kefka usurps power, Terra finds herself
with the orphaned kids of Mobliz and finds her purpose in a world where she
does not fit in.

-- Evaluation --

Terra is a rather strong character. She possess both a strong physical
attacks and magic. She is also able to equip most all equipment, making
very flexible. When she gets the Morph ability, she becomes even stronger.

-- Morph --

Terra transforms into her Esper form. In this form, she deals twice as
much physical damage and takes only half damage from magic attacks. Very
useful to end a boss battle quickly.

The only problem with this skill is its inconsistancy. To stay in her
Esper form longer, Terra has to acquire more magic points (the same points
used to learn spells from Espers). As she uses Morph, it drains all the
built up points she has, and will make her not be able to Morph for a
while. So, she shouldn't use this too much, and save it for boss battles
when it will come in handy.

-- Magic learned by level --

**Information from MasterZED's Magic/Blitz/SwdTech Level data found on his
website: <>

Level 1 - Cure Level 37 - Dispel
Level 3 - Fire Level 43 - Fire 3
Level 6 - Antdot Level 49 - Life 2
Level 12 - Drain Level 57 - Pearl
Level 18 - Life Level 68 - Break
Level 22 - Fire 2 Level 75 - Quartr
Level 26 - Warp Level 86 - Merton
Level 33 - Cure 2 Level 99 - Ultima


-- Background Information --

Locke is a self-proclaimed treasure hunter who trys to act carefree, but
harbors a painful past. His girlfriend was hurt in a cave fall in front of
his eyes. She had amnesia as a result. During her amnesia, she agreed to
marry Locke. Of course, her parents were none to thrilled that she was
going to marry the man they blamed for her injury and Locke left town so
things could cool down.

Before he could return, he received word that Rachel had died shortly after
recovering her memory. It pained him to have not been able to save her and
for not being there for her when she died. To this end, he has vowed to
always protect those he can.

-- Evaluation --

Locke is easily one of the best characters in the game. Though his skill
is not directly useful for a fight, his speed is very useful. On top of
this, he is a fairly strong attacker and can equip some of the most useful
weapons in the game, exclusive to him (namely the Wing Edge and Valiant

-- Steal --

Though not directly useful for a fight, this skill isn't too bad. It
provides an early source of Genji Gloves off the Floating Continent, as
well as other items. Also useful for rackng up some early GP, should you
need it. Of course, its uses are somewhat limited.

If you equip the Thief Glove, Steal becomes Capture, which is essentially
an attack and steal in one.


-- Background Information --

Edgar is the young king of Figaro, machine expert and self-styled ladies'
man. Though he tries to appear suave and nonchalant on the outside, Edgar
is a truly compassionate person who wants to help others.

Early on, he realized he would have to carry the burden of an empire at an
early age. Knowing his brother's wishes, he allowed Sabin to follow his
own path, while he travelled his.

-- Evaluation --

Edgar is another physical type fighter. He is just as strong as Locke,
Terra and Celes, but he will be dealing much more damage much earlier due
to his Tools. Edgar (along with Sabin) will make the World of Balance a
virtual breeze.

-- Tools --

They are weapons that do not even need to be equipped. For the great
majority of the game, they will also be stronger than any weapon Edgar
would have access to anyway. AutoCrossbow is ridiculously powerful early
on, as is Chainsaw. NoiseBlaster will continue to be incredibly useful
until the end of the game.

In addition, because Edgar does not need to necessarily equip a weapon,
he won't hog one of your better items. On top of this, he can equip a
weapon that, although may not be strong, provide a useful trait (e.g. the

Tool: AutoCrossbow
Effect: Attacks all enemies [Bat.Power: 125]
Location: Edgar automatically joins the party with it
Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoB] for 250 (125 with discount)
Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoR] for 250 (125 with discount)
Steal from Trapper or Hitman

Tool: NoiseBlaster
Effect: Inflicts Muddle on all enemies.
Location: Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoB] for 500 (250 with discount)
Purchase at South Figaro [WoB] for 500 (250 with discount)
Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoR] for 500 (250 with discount)
Steal from Junk or Crane

Tool: Bio Blaster
Effect: Inflicts the Poison status and deals damage to all enemies.
Location: Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoB] for 750 (375 with discount)
Purchase at South Figaro [WoB] for 750 (375 with discount)
Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoR] for 750 (375 with discount)
Steal from Chaser, Innoc, or TunnelArmr
Win from ProtoArmor

Tool: Chainsaw
Effect: Attacks a single enemy [Bat.Power: 252] or attempts to instantly
dispatch it.
Location: Found in Zozo (Clock code is 6:10:50)
Steal from Dueller

Tool: Flash
Effect: Blinds all enemies.
Location: Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoB] for 1000 (500 with discount)
Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoR] for 1000 (500 with discount)
Steal from Rhynox or Sky Base

Tool: Debilitator
Effect: Gives a single target a random elemental weakness.
Location: Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoR] for 5000 (2500 with discount)

Tool: Drill
Effect: Attacks a single enemy [Bat.Power: 191]
Location: Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoB] for 3000 (1500 with discount)
Purchase at Figaro Castle [WoR] for 3000 (1500 with discount)
Steal from Fortis

Tool: Air Anchor
Effect: May instantly dispatch an enemy
Location: Found in Fanatics' Tower
At the Colosseum, bet the Genji Armor or Cursed Ring for this.


-- Background Information --

He is a trained martial artist who happens to be the twin brother of Edgar.
At the death of his father, Sabin became disgusted with the politics of the
world. Everyone was only interested in which of the brothers would succeed
the throne instead of seeking vengeance for those that had killed his

Shunning it all, he leaves Figaro and sets out to perfect himself. He is
taught martial arts by Duncan; skills which would come in handy when he is
finally reunited with his brother in an effort to take down the Empire.

-- Evaluation --

Sabin is easily one of the strongest characters throughout the game. His
Blitz skills will almost always be your strongest attack available. His
only true weakness lies in the inability to target specific enemies with
his Blitz. Though, this isn't much of a problem since he eliminates the
enemies so quickly.

-- Blitz --

Easily one of the most powerful skill sets in the entire game. Sabin will
more than likely be one of, if not the, strongest character you use because
of Blitz. AuraBolt is ridiculously powerful early on. Fire Dance is an
excellent multi-enemy targeting attack, as well as Air Blade. Bum Rush is
available as soon as you acquire the Airship in the World of Ruin, which
will make most boss battles end in less than two rounds.

**Information from MasterZED's Magic/Blitz/SwdTech Level data found on his
website: <>

Skill: Pummel
Effect: Physical damage to a single enemy
Command: Left, Right, Left
Learned: Level 1

Skill: AuraBolt
Effect: Magical damage to a single enemy
Command: Down, Down-left, Left
Alt.: Down, Down, Left
Learned: Level 6

Skill: Suplex
Effect: Physical damage to a single enemy
Command: X, Y, Down, Up
Learned: Level 10

Skill: Fire Dance
Effect: Fire-based damage to all enemies
Command: Left, Down-left, Down, Down-right, Right
Alt.: Left, Left, Down, Down, Right
Learned: Level 15

Skill: Mantra
Effect: Restores HP to all allies excluding Sabin
Command: R, L, R, L, X, Y
Learned: Level 23

Skill: Air Blade
Effect: Wind-based damage to all enemies
Command: Up, Up-right, Right, Down-Right, Down, Down-left, Left
Alt.: Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left
Learned: Level 30

Skill: Spiraler
Effect: Fully restores all allies' HP; Sabin removed from battle
Command: R, L, X, Y, Right, Left
Learned: Level 42

Skill: Bum Rush
Effect: Magical damage to one enemy
Command: Left, Up-left, Up, Up-right, Right, Down-right, Down, Down-left,
Alt.: Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left
Learned: Level 70
Duncan will teach Sabin if you meet him in the World of Ruin.


-- Background Information --

Celes is a former soldier of the Empire who was genetically enhanced to be
able to use Magic. She rebelled against the Empire and was arrested in
South Figaro. Of course, her future knight-in-shining-soldier's clothes,
Locke, rescues and brings her to the Returners.

Though she is later suspected of betraying them, she comes out in the end
to prove she is loyal to her friends. A year after the destruction of the
world, Celes awakes from a coma, and proceeds to lead in the downfall of

-- Evaluation --

Celes is nearly identical to Terra in terms of character strength. The
only true difference, is their respective skills, Morph and Runic. Though
Morph has many more practical uses, Runic is a very powerful asset. Used
correctly, it can very well negate many enemies' (including some bosses')
offensive capabilities.

-- Runic --

If equipped with a proper sword, Celes can automatically negate the next
spell cast during battle. Though not practical for most instances, if
used agaisnt the right enemy in the proper way, Celes can single handedly
stop the attacks of a boss.

-- Magic learned by level --

**Information from MasterZED's Magic/Blitz/SwdTech Level data found on his
website: <>

Level 1 - Ice Level 32 - Muddle
Level 4 - Cure Level 40 - Bserk
Level 8 - Antdot Level 42 - Ice 3
Level 13 - Imp Level 48 - Vanish
Level 18 - Scan Level 52 - Haste2
Level 22 - Safe Level 72 - Pearl
Level 26 - Ice 2 Level 81 - Flare
Level 32 - Haste Level 98 - Meteor


-- Background Information --

Cyan is the most-trusted warrior of Doma. Though he is not the youngest
swordsman, he is still the best. During Kefka's seige of Doma, poison is
used killing everyone in Doma including Cyan's wife Elayne, and son Owain.

In a fit of rage, Cyan single-handedly storms the Imperial camp. At this
point, he runs into Sabin, and the two journey off. They make their way
through the Phantom Forest and onto the Phantom Train. Eventually, Cyan
has to accept the departure of his wife and son, and decides he will join
Sabin and take revenge against the Empire.

-- Evaluation --

Though Cyan is a very powerful character, he is often not as useful as
others. This is due mainly to the SwdTechs. Powerful as they are, you
can achieve much the same level of damage using attacks that don't take
quite as long to perform.

Of course, Cyan does have "Psycho Cyan" which makes him, far and wide,
the most powerful character in the game. (Read the FAQ section for more

-- SwdTech --

They are generaly quite powerful. Dispatch is very strong early on and
ignores defense. Retort is a decent enough attack, which does massive
damage, though not practical. Of course, it is also the root of Psycho
Cyan. The four-hitters take too long to charge to make too effective.
However, if you like Cyan, a casting of Quick takes care of the long
charge time.

**Information from MasterZED's Magic/Blitz/SwdTech Level data found on his
website: <>

SwdTech 1: Dispatch
Effect: Deals physical damage.
Level: 1

SwdTech 2: Retort
Effect: Places Cyan in a state where if he is attacked, he will
automatically counterattack.
Level: 6

SwdTech 3: Slash
Effect: Halves an enemy's current HP.
Level: 12

SwdTech 4: Quadra Slam
Effect: Attacks the enemies with four hits.
Level: 15

SwdTech 5: Empowerer
Effect: Deals damage to the enemy's HP and MP and Cyan is restored by
that amount.
Level: 24

SwdTech 6: Stunner
Effect: Deals damage to all enemies and casts Stop.
Level: 1

SwdTech 7: QuadraSlice
Effect: Attacks the enemies with four hits.
Level: 44

SwdTech 8: Cleave
Effect: Instantly dispatches enemies.
Level: 70


-- Background Information --

Gau's mother died while giving birth to him. As a result, the father went
insane, thought Gau was some sort of monster and left him all alone in the
Veldt. His father convinced himself that is all one terrible dream and
forgot it ever happened.

Gau, defying all odds, survives the harsh Veldt despite being a baby. He
grows into young boyhood adapting to the surroundings, and learning to be
as strong as any monster could ever be.

Eventually, Sabin and Cyan run into him on the Veldt while trying to reach
Narshe. Gau tags along (much to the initial dismay of Cyan) and gives them
his treasure which helps them reach their destination.

-- Evaluation --

Gau is truly a wildcard. Though initially many people dismiss him as being
weak, if he is used properly, he will be easily one of the strongest party

Stray Cat is a Rage that is available at the beginning of the game, and
many people use it at the end. This speaks volumes on how useful it is.
Additionally, when played properly, Gau can be casting spells like Fire 2
long before the rest of your party can.

Late in the game, with a full set of Rages and equipment like the Snow
Muffler, Gau can be a force to be reckoned with. His only downfall is the
lack of control you have over him once he starts to Rage.

-- Rage --

To acquire more Rages, Gau must Leap onto enemies on the Veldt. When he
returns, he will have acquired the skills of the monsters he has journeyed
with. To get more monsters in the Veldt, you have to have faced them in
battle before.

When Gau uses a Rage, he becomes AI controlled until either the end of the
battle, or he is wounded (i.e. dies in battle). During his Rage state,
Gau can either perform a normal attack, or the special skill of the monster
he is currently Raging. Additionally, while he is Raging certain monsters,
he will acquire their inherent immunities and status bonuses.


-- Background Information --

Mog is a moogle. Living in the caves of Narshe, Mog first encounters Terra
and Locke when they are being chased by Narshe guards. With Mog's help,
they are able to escape.

Later in the game, the team recruits Mog after a small ordeal with the
pickpocket thief Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf, who had stolen the Gold Hairpin,
attempted to hold Mog hostage. He hadn't counted on the hyper-active
moogle to break free on his own.

After the end of the world, Mog finds his way back to the World of Ruin.
Here, he has a dream where he is told to help stop Kefka.

-- Evaluation --

Early on, most people don't find much use for Mog. When the World of
Ruin, rolls around, though, he becomes a staple in most people's party.
The Moogle Charm alone warrants his use.

Aside from that, Mog is still a great character. Able to use equipment
that boosts his defense to the max, and his magic defense to obscene
levels, Mog can sit in battle and take no more than 1 HP of damage per hit.

In addition, though his offensive capabilities are not up to the level of
some of the other characters, Mog can be incredibly useful with the Dragon
Horn and DragoonBoots. His Dances, though, are usually more hassle than
they are worth.

-- Dance --

When Mog uses a Dance, the terrain transforms and he will use a terrain
based attack. At this point, he is AI controlled, and each Dance has four
different techniques to use.

Though used correctly, Dance can be a powerful weapon. However, for the
most part, it is too much of a hassle to use. If you do choose to use a
Dance though make sure it is of the correct terrain where you are currently
battling. Otherwise, Mog has a chance to fail.

To learn a Dance, Mog simply has to fight in a new terrain. At the end of
battle, he will automatically learn it.

Dance: Wind Song
Attacks: Wind Slash - Deals Wind-based damage to all enemies.
Sun Bath - Recovers HP for all allies.
Plasma - Lightning-based damage to a single enemy.
Cockatrice - Damage to a single enemy. May cause Petrify status.
Terrain: Plains

Dance: Forest Suite
Attacks: Rage - Damages all enemies.
Harvester - Removes all negative status effect from all allies.
Elf Fire - Fire-based damage to one enemy.
Wombat - Damage to one enemy.
Terrain: Forest

Dance: Desert Aria
Attacks: Wind Slash - Deals Wind-based damage to all enemies.
Sand Storm - Deals Wind-based damage to all enemies.
Antlion - Remove an enemy from battle.
Kitty - Damage to one enemy.
Terrain: Desert

Dance: Love Sonata
Attacks: Elf Fire - Fire-based damage to one enemy.
Specter - Inflicts the Muddle status on an enemy.
Snare - Remove an enemy from battle.
Tapir - Removes all negative status effects from all allies.
Terrain: Building (Town)

Dance: Earth Blues
Attacks: Land Slide - Damage to one enemy.
Sonic Boom - Removes 62.5% of enemy's current HP.
Sun Bath - Recovers HP for all allies.
Whump - Damage to one enemy.
Terrain: Mountainous

Dance: Water Rondo
Attacks: El Nino - Deals Water-based damage to all enemies.
Plasma - Lightning-based damage to one enemy.
Specter - Inflicts the Muddle status on an enemy.
Wild Bear - Recovers HP and removes all negative status effects.
Terrain: Water (exclusive to the World of Balance)

Dance: Dusk Requium
Attacks: Cave In - Removes 75% of target's current HP.
Snare - Removes an enemy from battle.
Elf Fire - Fire-based damage to one enemy.
Pois. Frog - Damage to one enemy. May cause Poison status.
Terrain: Cave

Dance: Snowman Jazz
Attacks: Snowball - Halves an enemy's current HP.
Surge - Damage to all enemies.
Snare - Removes an enemy from battle.
Ice Rabbit - Recovers HP for all allies.
Terrain: Snow (exclusive to the World of Ruin)


-- Background Information --

Setzer is a free-spirited gambler who happens to be the owner of the only
Airship on the world. When the Returners needed to get to Vector, their
only course was to use Setzer's Airship. To this end, they foil his
attempted kidnapping of Maria, the Opera singer. Then, Celes uses Edgar's
prized two-headed coin to trick her way into a deal with the gambler. (Not
much of a "master-gambler" though, if he fell for that trick.)

At this point, Setzer continues to aid the Returners. After the Kefka
unbalances the world, and the Blackjack Airship is destroyed, Setzer visits
the grave of his long-deceased friend Darill. Here, he recovers her old
Airship and the party proceeds to confront Kefka.

-- Evaluation --

Setzer is far from the best character. In actuality, he has really nothing
that makes him stand out. His skill is next to useless. He is limited in
what he equips. And he isn't even strong.

His only saving grace is the Fixed Dice. Some people rave on and one about
it. In truth, it's not even that great a weapon. Sure it can deal high
damage, but the same can be said about half a dozen other weapons. And
their strength won't fluctuate like the Fixed Dice.

-- Slot --

Setzer rolls a slot machine. Whatever the outcome is determines the effect
it will produce.

Combo: Any "losing" combination
Attack: Lagomorph
Effect: Restores HP to all allies (very small amount)

Combo: Diamond - Diamond - Diamond
Attack: 7-Flush
Effect: Damages all enemies.

Combo: Chocobo - Chocobo - Chocobo
Attack: Chocobop
Effect: Stampede of chocobos damages all enemies.

Combo: Airship - Airship - Airship
Attack: H Bomb
Effect: Damages all enemies.

Combo: Bar - Bar - Bar
Attack: [Random Esper Attack]
Effect: [Random Esper Attack]

Combo: Bird - Bird - Bird
Attack: Sun Flare
Effect: Summons Bahamut.

Combo: 7 - 7 - Bar
Attack: Joker Doom
Effect: Death to all. Game over.

Combo: 7 - 7 - 7
Attack: Flash
Effect: Death to all enemies. Instant victory.

If Setzer equips the Coin Toss Relic, his skill becomes GP Rain. This
ability takes GP and throws it at the enemy for damage. Fairly weak, at
level 99, it deals less than 6000 damage.


-- Background Information --

Shadow appears a cold-blooded mercenary. No job is too dirty so long as
the price is right. He travels the world doing odd jobs for money to feed
his dog, Interceptor.

He is eventually hired by the Empire to aid in the search for the Espers.
Along the way, his "use" runs out and they try to axe Shadow. So he joins
the Returners in an effort to take down the Empire.

Shadow's past is shrouded in mystery and revealed through his dreams.
Before he became an emotion-dead ninja/assassin/mercenary, he Shadow was a
thief named Clyde working with his friend Baram. Their greatest feat was
the theft of 1,000,000 GP from a train.

Somewhere along the way, Clyde and Baram are chased by the authorities and
Baram is hurt in the process. Clyde is forced to leave Baram behind (a
choice that grievously upsets him). He eventually finds his way to the
town of Thamasa, were a woman nurses him back to help. Like all obvious
stories, the two fall in love and have a baby girl. It's plainly obvious
that this girl is none other than Relm.

Possibly because he was an outlaw, or because he knew he would not make a
good father, he leaves Thamasa in the interest of Relm. Interceptor
decides to follow him, and that's how Clyde came to be Shadow.

This, of course, explains why Interceptor is nice to Relm, and no one else.
It also explains Shadow's hesitation towards Thamasa.

-- Evaluation --

Shadow is a very strong character. He will most likely be one of your
faster characters and stronger attackers throughout the game, regardless of
the fact that most of his weapons are weak. His skill provides a very
early defense ignoring attack, which makes it massively powerful.

Shadow's greatest bonus though, is that Interceptor will randomly block and
even counter attacks for Shadow. In addition, Interceptor's counters are
extremely strong early on, doing damage in the mid 4 figures when most of
your characters are barely doing 3 figure damage.

-- Throw --

Throw takes a weapon that is not currently equipped (or special items that
are exclusively designed for throwing) and Shadow will hurl it at an enemy.
Though it does waste an item, most of the time, Shadow deals obscene
amounts of damage because Throw ignores defense.


-- Background Information --

Strago is a 70-year-old man from the town of Thamasa and descended from the
archaic Mage Warriors. He spent the greater part of his youth hunting the
monster Hidon (never quite succeeding). Strago is skilled in the art of
Lores, and has the ability to perform the attacks of monsters he has

Years ago, a friend of his died, and he has taken to raising her orphaned
daughter Relm. Thamasa is a town that tries to hide its inherent talent
with magic. When the Empire comes to town looking for Espers, Strago and
the rest of Thamasa feigns ignorance.

When Relm is put in danger because of she is trapped in a burning house,
Strago attempts to rescue her. His power is not enough, but with the help
of Locke, Terra, and later Shadow (Relm's father), she is saved. As a
means of repaying a debt, Strago agrees to aid in the search for Espers.

In the World of Ruin, Ebot's Rock has resurfaced. This is the home of
Hidon. Strago is initially uninterested in facing Hidon. Later on, his
best friend, Gung Ho, is apparently injured by Hidon (an act). This fuels
Strago's determination to confront and defeat Hidon.

-- Evaluation --

Strago isn't too bad of a character, but he isn't very good either. Though
his Lores are useful, they aren't useful enough to really warrant using
him. Basically, Strago is one of those characters that could be very good,
but never quite makes it.

-- Lore --

This is a set of spells normally only available to enemies. Should Strago
be hit with one, he learns it and can use it himself. Known more commonly
in other Final Fantasies as "Blue Magic".

Attack: Condemned
Effect: Inflicts the Condemned status on an enemy.
MP cost: 20
Learned: Zombone, Still Life, Critic, Veteran, Dark Force

Attack: Roulette
Effect: Random character or enemy is instantly killed.
MP cost: 10
Learned: Critic, Veteran, Pipsqueak, Dark Force

Attack: CleanSweep
Effect: Deals Water-based damage to all enemies.
MP cost: 30
Learned: Blue Drgn, Enuo, Dark Force

Attack: Aqua Rake
Effect: Deals Water-based damage to all enemies.
MP cost: 22
Learned: Strago has this Lore when you recruit him.

Attack: Aero
Effect: Deals Wind-based damage to all enemies.
MP cost: 41
Learned: Harpy, Harpiai, Tyranosaur, Sprinter, Rhyos, Dark Force

Attack: Blow Fish
Effect: Deals exactly 1000 HP of damage to one enemy.
MP cost: 50
Learned: Cactrot, Brain Pan, Phase, Dark Force

Attack: Big Guard
Effect: Inflicts Shell and Safe status on all allies.
MP cost: 80
Learned: Mover, EarthGuard

Attack: Revenge
Effect: Deals damage to one enemy equal to caster's max HP - current HP.
MP cost: 31
Learned: Dragon, Gigantos, Pandora, Red Wolf, Dark Force

Attack: Pearl Wind
Effect: Restores HP to all allies equal to caster's current HP.
MP cost: 45
Learned: Sprinter, Ogor, Peepers, Vectuar, Dark Force

Attack: L.5 Doom
Effect: All enemies whose level is a multiple of 5 is instantly killed.
MP cost: 22
Learned: Trapper, Didalos, Goblin, Dark Force

Attack: L.4 Flare
Effect: All enemies whose level is a multiple of 4 is hit with Flare.
MP cost: 42
Learned: Trapper, Apokryphos, Goblin, Dueller, Dark Force

Attack: L.3 Muddle
Effect: All enemies whose level is a multiple of 3 is inflicted with the
Muddle status.
MP cost: 28
Learned: Apokryphos, Goblin, Dante, Dark Force

Attack: Reflect???
Effect: Inflicts various negative status on all enemies with Reflect.
MP cost: 0
Learned: Dark Force

Attack: L.? Pearl
Effect: All enemies whose level is a multiple of the last digit of the
current GP count is hit with Pearl.
MP cost: 50
Learned: Innoc, Dark Force

Attack: Step Mine
Effect: Deals damage to one enemy. Damage = # of steps taken / 32.
MP cost: Mp cost = Minutes of game played / 30.
Learned: Pug, Brachosaur, Mesosaur, Crawler, GreaseMonk, Dark Force

Attack: ForceField
Effect: Nullifies a random elemental damage.
MP cost: 24
Learned: Doom

Attack: Dischord
Effect: Hlaves the level of one enemy.
MP cost: 68
Learned: Lizard, Figaliz, IronHitman, Chaser, Dark Force

Attack: Sour Mouth
Effect: Inflicts various negative status effects on one enemy.
MP cost: 32
Learned: Mad Oscar, Evil Oscar, Dark Force

Attack: Pep Up
Effect: Fully restores HP & MP to one ally; caster removed from battle.
MP cost: 1
Learned: Intangir, Junk, Muus

Attack: Rippler
Effect: Switches status effects with a single monster.
MP cost: 66
Learned: Reach Frog, Dark Force

Attack: Stone
Effect: Deals damage to one or all enemies. May cause Muddle. If the
target's HP is the same as the caster's, damage increases.
MP cost: 22
Learned: Strago has this Lore when you recruit him.

Attack: Quasar
Effect: Deals damage to all enemies.
MP cost: 50
Learned: Goddess, Dark Force

Attack: GrandTrain
Effect: Deals damage to all enemies.
MP cost: 64
Learned: Hidon

Attack: Exploder
Effect: Removes all current HP from caster and inflicts it as damage to
a single enemy.
MP cost: 1
Learned: Bomb, Balloon, Wart Puck, Junk, Dark Force


-- Background Information --

Relm is the daughter of a native Thamasa woman and Clyde. Because her
mother passed away and her father is not around (see Shadow's Bio), Strago,
a family friend took her in as a surrogate granddaughter, and has been
raising her ever since.

Relm possesses an inherent affinity to painting. Her portraits can,
literally, captivate people. Being an over-energetic child, she tags along
with Strago, Locke and Terra (unknowingly to them) when they search for the
Espers. She, of course, gets tangled up with all the revolution business
and even meets her father (though she is not aware).

-- Evaluation --

At first glance, Relm seems like a terrible character. Of course, many
people do not realize that she is the strongest magician in the game. Her
Magic power is unrivalled, making her immensely powerful should you decide
to use her. Of course, her physical attack strength is non-existant, and
she doesn't take hits too well either.

-- Sketch --

Relm will paint the portrait of an enemy, and proceed to use one of its
attacks. Not very useful aside from glitching the game up severely.

If she equips the FakeMustache, Sketch becomes Control, where instead of
using one of Relm's commands, you use one of the enemy's commands.

Aside from aiding Strago learn Lores, these skills are useless. You
should probably avoid using them unless necessary due to the ease of
glitching up the game.


-- Background Information --

Umaro is the bone-carving sasquash dwelling in the Caves of Narshe. He is
also apparently Mog's slave. Go figure.

-- Evaluation --

There's really not too much to Umaro. He is AI controlled at all times,
normally only uses a standard attack. If you equip the Blizzard Orb on
him, he will randomly use a multi-enemy attacking spell. If you equip the
Rage Ring on him, he will randomly pick a party member (or himself) and
throw them at an enemy doing more damage than normal. Of course, it is
usually more effective to just give him Relics that are actually useful.


-- Background Information --

Gogo is a Mime found in the pits of the World or Ruin's Triangle Island.
Because Gogo has no particular background story, many FF fans take it upon
themselves to come up with theories as to who Gogo is. Some say Gogo is
Darill, others insist he is Adlai Stevenson. For more information, refer
to the FAQ section.

In short, Gogo is Gogo. That's it. The original character appeared in
Final Fantasy V, as an optional boss "fight". You would have to defeat
Gogo to obtain a crystal shard and the Mime job class. Apparently, some
game designers either really liked Gogo and put him in this game, or got
really lazy and re-used Gogo to avoid actually coming up with a Mime class

-- Evaluation --

Gogo is an extremely useful character. His Mimic ability is somewhat more
difficult to use than most abilities, but has very useful applications. As
an added bonus, Gogo can cast whatever spells the rest of the party can
cast at the moment.

In addition, you can go to the Status Menu and fill Gogo's other three
command slots with the abilities of the other characters' abilities, except
Terra's Morph. Really like Sabin's Bum Rush? Gogo can do it too. Really
like Gau's Rage? Gogo can do it too.

The only true downfall to Gogo, aside from being a terribly designed
character story-wise, is that he cannot equip Espers. This translates out
to static stats throughout the game. Whereas other characters can use
bonuses to get 128 Vigor or Magic or Speed, Gogo is stuck at where he is.

-- Mimic --

This skill is somewhat difficult to use compared to all the other skills in
the game. It's applications are limited (since he can already use others'
skills without this) but useful. For example, if you are looking to use
the Ragnarok Esper, Gogo can Mimic Metamorph until it succeeds.

IV. Walkthrough - World of Balance

[ NARSHE ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Elixir, Fenix Down, Sleeping Bag, Tincture, Sleeping Bag, Tonic

When you are in control, as Vicks, Wedge, and ????? (Terra), advance
through the town and into the mines. You'll fight a few battles along the
way, but in Magitek Armor, you should be more than fine. They will
eventually come across Whelk, the first boss of the game.



Head [Lvl. 6, 1600 HP, 1000 MP]
Shell [Lvl: 4, ???? HP, 120 MP]

Have Vicks and Wedge both use Fire Beam on the Head. Terra should use
TekMissile on the Head. Do not attack the shell at all or you will be hit
with a counterattack. When the head hides inside the shell, do not attack
at all. Wait until it comes out again and kill it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The trio will finally reach the Tritoch Esper. Tritoch eliminates both
Vicks and Wedge and something causes Terra to go unconscious. She wakes up
in Arvis' House. He explains to Terra that she was under a form of mind
control induced by the Slave Crown. Narshe guards come to get Terra and
Arvis tells her to flee through the back door. Before you do that, grab
the Elixir hidden in Arvis' clock.

Outside, you'll cross a bridge and run into the mines. Follow the path and
you'll come across two chests, one containing a Fenix Down, and a Sleeping
Bag. If wait until the World of Ruin, the items will be an Elixir and Pod
Bracelet. Given that you don't need either of the items at the moment, it
is well worth the investment to leave them alone.

Continue along the linear path and Terra will be cornered by the guards.
She'll step on a weak part in the ground and fall through a hole in the
floor. She ends up unconscious (yet again). The scene switches to Arvis'
House where Locke is introduced. Arvis has him go and rescue Terra. The
scene switches back to Terra and Locke has come to her side. Those
troublesome guards have found a way down to the lower level as well. Of
course, several groups of guards against Locke and an unconscious Terra
is not a fair match, so Locke gets some much desired help from Narshe's
resident moogles, led by Mog.

You'll now fight in a multi-party battle. You can switch between three
parties all filled to the brim with moogles. Take the last party (the one
without either Locke or Mog) and clear through the advancing enemies. When
that is done, switch to Mog's party and remove his Mithril Shld. You can
elect to take his Mithril Pike away, but because only Edgar will be able to
use it later, and he is better off using the AutoCrossbow, there's really
no point.

Now take control of the Locke's team, and attack the commander. It is an
easy enough battle. The moogles go back into their caves and Locke and
Terra leave. At the end of the tunnel Locke opens what any good treasure
hunter would have, a secret passage.

There is one lone building outside of the Narshe main gate. It is the
classroom. FF veterans will recognize it. Speaking with each of the
people will prompt either a tutorial or a tip. Given that you have this
walkthrough, and their tips aren't anything that isn't already blatantly
obvious, you don't need to bother talking to any of them. However, do
go inside and use the healing bucket. Then raid the rooms for a Tonic,
Sleeping Bag and Tincture (hidden in a pot).

At this point, leave Narshe and you'll be on the World Map. Head in a
generally southwest direction and you'll end up in a desert. In the middle
of desert is Figaro Castle, home to the most unsuccessful ladies' man in
the game, King Edgar Figaro. This is, obviously, your next destination.

[ FIGARO CASTLE ]--------------------------------------------------------

Items: Fenix Down, Soft, Antidote, Tonic

Head straight and you'll eventually reach the throne room. Speak with
Edgar who (unsuccessfully) flirts with Terra. Afterwards, you're given
free roam around the castle. Go to the shops and buy anything you need.
Do not bother purchasing an AutoCrossbow, as you'll automatically have one
when Edgar joins later. Pick up the treasure lying around in the room
leading to the top of the castle. Also pick up all the chests in both

When you're done pillaging Edgar's castle, head to the left tower and speak
with the Matron. She'll tell you about Edgar's twin brother Sabin. After
you've heard that, you can return to the throne room and speak with Edgar.
Various events involving Kefka occur. Edgar, Locke and Terra all manage to
escape on Chocobos as Figaro Castle submerges under the sand and out of
Kefka's hands.

You'll be forced to fight Magitek Armor as you flee (don't worry, they are
pushovers). During the battle, have Terra use some magic to see some extra
dialogue. Once that is done, head toward Figaro Cave (in the southeast)
on the chocobos. When you get there and dismount, the chocobos leave.
Talk to the guard, then enter the cave.

As a note, because there is no weapon stronger than AutoCrossbow at this
point in the game, it makes sense to simply stick Edgar in the back row
and have him use the AutoCrossbow rather than fight. It is stronger, hits
all enemies, works from the back row and doesn't cost any MP. Not bad, eh?

[ FIGARO CAVE ]----------------------------------------------------------

Items: Tincture, Tincture, Fenix Down

The cave is very straight-forward. Touch the spring to rejuvenate your

Like the Narshe mines, the chests here house different items if you come
back during the WoR. They are also different when you come through the
cave with Celes and Locke. Again, because the treasures are not all that
great, and you don't need them, leave them.

Exit the cave and go to the town to the southeast. You'll end up in South

[ SOUTH FIGARO ]---------------------------------------------------------

Items: Tonic, Green Cherry, Fenix Down, Warp Stone*, Eyedrop*, Soft*,
Tonic*, Running Shoes, Hyper Wrist

Head to the Cafe and meet Shadow. He won't join you at this point, though.
Visit the various shops. Now head around town pillaging items. You will
find all of them except the Running Shoes and Hyper Wrist in the various
barrels and boxes all over town.

Those that I've marked with a asterisk (*) will be different in the World
of Ruin if you do not grab them. The Warp Stone becomes a Fenix Down, the
Eyedrop becomes an Elixir, the Soft becomes a Remedy and the Tonic becomes
an X-Potion. Again, I suggest you leave them for the World of Ruin.

To find the Running Shoes and Hyper Wrist, head to the Rich Man's House.
Go to the second floor and enter the first room. Go to the left side of
the room and behind the bookcase. You can now head down a hidden staircase
into the basement (why you access the basement through the second floor is
beyond me). In the basement, you have to head down through a narrow hall.
Move all the way down from this hall until you can't move down anymore, and
then head right. You go down a secret staircase. Now in basement level 2,
you can grab an often missed pair of Running Shoes and a Hyper Wrist. Now
go back up a level to the first basement floor. Go to the third room at
the end. There are three chests full of GP in here.

After you are done with all this, leave town and head towards the single
lone shack north of South Figaro.

[ SABIN'S HOUSE ]--------------------------------------------------------

Items: Tonic

Sabin's not home, but you can sleep in any of the beds if you want. One of
the buckets has a Tonic you can relieve Sabin of.

When you're done here (shouldn't take long) head out into the World Map and
east to Mt. Kolts.

[ MT. KOLTS ]------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Guardian, Tent, Tent

This is a very straight-forward area. As you move through this area, you
will undoubtedly notice a shadow-like figure moving throughout the place.
This is Vargas. You'll run into him at the end of the area. Like any
paranoid fool, he attacks your party.



Vargas [Lvl. 12, ???? HP, 220 MP]
Ipooh [Lvl: 11, 360 HP, 60 MP]
Ipooh [Lvl: 11, 360 HP, 60 MP]

Vargas comes complete with his two pet bears. You must eliminate them
first. After that, attack Vargas a few turns and Sabin will show up.
Vargas pulls out his weird technique which leaves only Sabin left (because
the rest of the party apparently can't handle Vargas' mad skillz).

Attack him until a prompt comes up that explains how to use Sabin's Blitz.
Pull off the Pummel attack and Vargas is beaten.

To pull of Pummel, you must move the cursor to Blitz. Press the action
button _once_. The cursor is now on Sabin. Press left, right, left, then
the action button again. Voila.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sabin has now joined your party. Go through to the end of the cave and you
will end up on the ever present world map. Go north towards the Returner's

[ RETURNER'S HIDEOUT ]---------------------------------------------------

Items: Green Cherry, Fenix Down, Potion, Air Lancet, True Knight, Fenix
Down, Antidote, Tincture, White Cape, Genji Glove or Gauntlet

Follow the guard and talk to Banon (the hairy dude). Horny King, Hairy
Dude and "Treasure Hunter" shoot the breeze and Terra ends up getting some
sleep. When she wakes up, Locke is, as always, right there. Talk to him.
Then leave the room and proceed to pillage the hideout for your own gain.

There's a Green Cherry in one pot, and a Tincture in another. The antidote
is unoriginally hidden in a bucket. Everything else (save the Genji Glove
and Gauntlet) is in a chest. The White Cape is hidden in an unseen passage
in the treasure room.

After you're done with that, head to the entrance of the hideout and have a
chat with Banon. He asks Terra to join their cause. If you wish to get
the Gauntlet, say yes. If you wish to get the Genji Glove, answer no and
talk to one of the guards, who'll kindly hand it over. Or you can say no
to Banon three times and get the Genji Glove that way. Take note, you can
get one or the other, not both.

Between the two, I suggest you get the Genji Glove. Either way, events
will occur and someone will storm in and tell of South Figaro falling under
the Empire's control. Locke is sent to go there for no reason at all.
Everyone else is to take a raft down the Lete River to get to Narshe.

[ LETE RIVER ]-----------------------------------------------------------

Place Banon in the back row. You have to get to the end of this without
him "dying" once. The raft is automated so you only have choices of
direction at forks in the path. If you choose the wrong one, you'll simply
circle back and choose again.

After a while, Ultros, octopus extraordinaire attacks the party.



Ultros [Lvl. 13, 3000 HP, 640 MP]

All characters should be in the back row. Terra should use the spell Fire,
Sabin should use the Aurabolt Blitz, and Edgar should use AutoCrossbow.
Banon should only use Health or defend.

Ultros should go down very easily. If he is too strong for your party at
the moment, have everyone defend until after he has used the Tentacle
attack. Then unload all you have on him before he can use it again.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the battle, Sabin decides to jump into the water and use a Blitz on
Ultros. He'll get seperated and washed down a seperate path from the raft.
At this point, you'll be given the choice between three scenarios. You
will have to eventually complete them all, but you get to choose what order
you want to do. I suggest you take Terra, Edgar and Banon's first, then do
Locke's. Save Sabin's for last as it is the longest.

[ LETE RIVER (continued) ]-----------------------------------------------

Straight-forward. Eventually you'll end up on the world map outside of
Narshe. Head there.

[ NARSHE ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Rune Edge*

Walk up to the entrance and you'll be stopped. Go to the passage Locke and
Terra used at the beginning of the game. Follow the path and you'll reach
a simple puzzle. Basically memorize what path the light takes, and follow
it. There is a Rune Edge in the moogle cave, but if you leave it for the
World of Ruin, it'll become a Ribbon. Because the Rune Edge isn't that
powerful and the Ribbon is quite useful, save it.

Go through the mines some more and you will eventually end up in Arvis'
House. End Terra, Edgar, and Banon scenario.

[ SOUTH FIGARO ]---------------------------------------------------------

Items: Heavy Shld, Regal Cutlass, Iron Armor, Earrings, X-Potion, Ether,
Ribbon, Elixir

As Locke, go to the Item store and speak with the Merchant. You'll start a
battle. Use the "Steal" command in battle, and you will take his clothes.
Enter the house with the Cider drinker and go downstairs. Because you are
dressed as a merchant, you'll be let through. Exit the house and go up
onto the wall. Follow the path and you'll run into a soldier in a green
uniform. Talk to him and start a battle. Again, use the "Steal" command
and you'll now be dressed as a soldier.

As a soldier, you can pass through a trio of lazy guards that ordinarily
block your path. Head to the Cafe. Go downstairs to find a guy with some
Cider. Attack him and steal his clothes. You are once again dressed as a
Merchant. Return to the Cider drinker's house and he'll tell you about a
secret passage. Head downstairs and give the kid the password "Courage".

He'll open a secret passage. Go through it and into the Rich Man's House.
Take note that the clock in the passage has a hidden Elixir.

Inside the house, go to the second floor, go down the hidden passage to you
took earlier behind the bookcase. Go through it and you'll come to a point
where you are asked if you wish to change clothes (this only effects
dialogue with Celes). Go the first room and you'll see a few scenes of
Celes. Then after one of the guards leave, and the other is asleep (why
these idiots were placed on guard duty is ridiculous), unchain Celes. She
will take a Clock Key from the sleeping guard.

The next room is a save point. Go to the room at the end that had all of
the chests full of GP. Wind the clock in the back and another passage
opens (secret passages and Locke seem to go hand-in-hand).

You will be in a passage under the town. Monsters lurk here as do all of
the treasures. When you get to the end of it, you'll be on the World Map.
Head to Figaro Cave.

[ FIGARO CAVE ]----------------------------------------------------------

Items: Thunder Rod, X-Potion, Tincture

Follow the straight-forward path. If you didn't pick up the chests on your
earlier visit, they have become different items. I still suggest you leave
them for the World of Ruin, though.

At the end of the tunnel, you'll have a boss fight with TunnelArmr.



TunnelArmr [Lvl. 16, 1300 HP, 900 MP]

This is a very easy battle. Just have Celes use Runic every round while
Locke attacks every round. Runic will negate nearly all of TunnelArmr's
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you defeat TunnelArmr, Locke's scenario will end.

[ GAU'S FATHER'S HOUSE ]-------------------------------------------------

You'll wake up as Sabin on the World Map. Head to the Shack. Talk to
Shadow and he will temporarily join you. Leave the Shack and head toward
the Imperial Camp (looks like a metal bridge on the World Map).

[ IMPERIAL CAMP ]--------------------------------------------------------

Event sequence. The scene switches over to Doma Castle.

[ DOMA CASTLE ]----------------------------------------------------------

As Cyan, go outside and fight the enemy commander. The scene switches back
to Sabin once you beat the weak excuse for an enemy.

[ IMPERIAL CAMP ]--------------------------------------------------------

Items: Star Pendent, Mithril Glove

Fight Kefka. He runs away (of course). Before "fighting" him again, take
this time to plunder the base of its treasures. You also encounter your
very first monster-in-a-box, Telstar. After defeating it, you'll receive
a Green Beret.

Go "fight" Kefka again and eventually Doma Castle gets poisoned. Scene
change, yet again.

[ DOMA CASTLE ]----------------------------------------------------------

Go find the King and Cyan's family dead to Kefka's poisoning. Cyan goes
berserk and seeks redemption.

[ IMPERIAL CAMP ]--------------------------------------------------------

Cyan starts to fight various enemy soldiers. If you step between them, you
get your butt kicked. It's worth doing at least once just to see. When
you're done making Sabin make a fool of himself, talk to Cyan to aid him in
his battles. After doing this a few times, the three figure out it would
be best to fight together.

Sabin will use his head and the trio hijacks a few Magitek Armors. Leave
the camp the way you came. On the World Map, cross back over the base (you
will cross right over the bridge this time without entering it. Head to
the Phantom Forest.

[ PHANTOM FOREST ]-------------------------------------------------------

The forest is very straigh-tforward like the rest of the areas of the game.
When you get to a pond, you can examine it to refresh your entire party.
Eventually you'll come across the Phantom Train. Simply because you've got
nothing better to do, board it.

[ PHANTOM FOREST ]-------------------------------------------------------

Items: Earrings, Sniper Sight, Fenix Down, Fenix Down

Go across to the left to enter another car. Talk to the Ghosts. Either
they attack you, sell you stuff, or join you. Once your party is filled,
head across to another car, then another. After you go in, a Ghost will
prevent you from leaving. Of course, that won't stop you and a battle
begins. Beat it and leave the car. Climb up the latter and you will
jump across the cars. When you land, go into the car and pull the switch.

This detaches all the cars behind you. Pull the switch again to remove
the wall (that's one magic switch). If you sit down at the center table,
ever hospitable ghosts will serve you food. This will rejuvenate your
characters. After you're done grubbing off the ghosts go to the next
train car.

Go to the first room where there is a lone treasure chest. Try to open
it and you'll be attacked by Siegfried (where's Roy?). Of course, he
doesn't have his white tigers with him, so he's very easy to defeat.
Still, he has the presense of mind to not only flee, but flee with the
treasure while your characters are left to scratch their heads.

The next room houses a few treasure chests. No reason to leave them
there, so practice your "borrowing" skills. Head to the engine.

At the engine room there are three switches. Pull the two on the ends.
Exit the car and climb onto the front of the train. You'll face off
against the Phantom Train.



GhostTrain [Lvl. 14, 1900 HP, 350 MP]

You could have Sabin use Aurabolt, Shadow throw Shurikens, and Cyan perform

But that's too hard. Just use a Fenix Down to take him out.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the fight, you will see a few scenes involving Cyan, and his wife and
child. Once that's done head out and into the World Map. There's only one
place to go, and that's Barren Falls.

[ BARREN FALLS ]---------------------------------------------------------

Because Cyan needs some cheering up, foolishly jump off into Barren Falls.
You'll face various monsters in a non-stop battle sequence where killed
monsters get repeated replaced. Just keep fighting until you stop. You'll
wake up on the Veldt.

[ VELDT ]----------------------------------------------------------------

When Sabin wakes up, Gau is immediately scared off. Exit the screen and
you will be in the World Map, on the Veldt. Head toward Mobliz. As you
travel across the Veldt, you'll more than likely come across Gau at least
once at the end of a battle. At the moment, just attack him so he goes

[ MOBLIZ ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Tintinabar, Elixir

Go to the Item Shop and buy a Dried Meat. Then head to the injured soldier
lying in bed in one of the houses. Talk to him and he'll express say he
wants to send something to his girlfriend. Head to the post office. Check
the clock to get a free Elixir. Then talk to the guy and send a letter for
500 GP. Go to the Relic shop and speak with the shop keeper. You do not
have to buy anything. Then head to the back of his shop and take a nap in
his bed.

When you wake up, go to the injured soldier. Read the letter on his desk,
then go the post office and send his girlfriend something again (500 GP
down the drain again). Go back to the Relic shop, speak with the owner and
use his bed. Do this until eventually, the injured soldier realizes you've
been sending letters for him. He will reward you with a Tintinabar.

Now you can leave town. On the Veldt, fight until you get Gau to appear
after a battle. Throw a Dried Meat at him and you'll be treated to a
sequence where he joins you group. Head to Cresent Mountain (the cave).

[ CRESENT MOUNTAIN ]-----------------------------------------------------

Items: Tonic

When you enter, Gau will explain (rather, try to explain) about his shiny
treasure. He digs up a Tonic for you. Gau's usefulness is unsurpassed.

Head to the end of the cave. Avoid a small platform at the top left of the
cave. If you go there, Gau will play a prank on Sabin who drops 500 GP.
When you get near the end of the cave, Gau will find his underwater helment
which you will be using.

At the end of the cave, the trio will jump into the Serpent Trench.

[ SERPENT TRENCH ]-------------------------------------------------------

Items: Green Beret, X-Potion

Much like the Lete River, your characters have limited control of where
they go. At both junctures, choose the right path to get a chest both
times. Eventually, you'll be washed up on Nikeah's shore.

[ NIKEAH ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Elixir

Shop around if you'd like. Go to the Inn and examine their clock. By now,
you should know you'll get an Elixir. When you're done board the ship and
Sabin's scenario is at an end.

[ NARSHE ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Thief Knife, Earrings, Wall Ring, Sneak Ring, Hyper Wrist, Elixir

You fight your second and last multi-party battle. The area is slightly
larger and you now use your characters instead of moogles. Before the
actual fighting begins you have a chance to re-equip all of your members.

You must split your seven characters into three groups. My incredibly
impressive math skills deduce that you cannot split seven characters among
three groups evenly. Instead you should simply stick your four strongest
characters in one group and charge through the maze-like area until you
get to Kefka. Then proceed to smash his hyena-laughing, clown-lookalike
ass. It is not at all difficult.

Afterwards, your party goes to the Esper. Terra proceeds to go berserk (at
least she doesn't fall unconscious again) and flys away.

When your entire group has regrouped, you get to take a party over past the
mountain to the west in search of the missing Terra. The others have to
stay back and perform guard duty at Narshe. If you want discounts at
Figaro Castle, bring Edgar and make him the party lead. If you want to see
an extra scene, bring both Edgar and Sabin. Since they are the strongest
two characters in the World of Balance anyway, it makes sense to have them
along. Also, if you bring Locke, you can see an extra scene later that
reveals why he is so adamant about protecting Terra and Celes (and no it is
not for the same reasons as Edgar). Because you can hire Shadow's useful
services, you should only bring three members. Leave Arvis' House. Go to
the eastern most house slightly southeast of Arvis' House. It's filled
with various treasures. It even houses 5000 GP. The unopenable chest will
remain that way for now, so do not bother with it.

Shop around if you want to. The Elder's House has a Elixir hidden in the
(surprise, surprise) clock. After that, head out to Figaro Castle.

[ FIGARO CASTLE ]--------------------------------------------------------

If you need to purchase anything, put Edgar at the head of the party to get
a massive 50% discount. Being King sure has its advantages.

If you have Sabin, he will wander around the castle. If you have Edgar as
well, then you can see a few extra scenes showing what it was that caused
Sabin to leave Figaro and train with Duncan.

Head down the left stairs directly after the entrace. Speak with the old
man there and he will have Figaro submerge and move past (under) the
mountains. When the castle stops, you will be near Kohlingen.

[ KOHLINGEN ]------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Green Beret, Elixir

If you want Shadow to join temporarily, go to the Cafe. Hire him for 3000
GP (somehow I don't think he needs that much just to feed Interceptor). If
you want to see Shadow's Dreams (they reveal parts of his past), stay at
the Inn. Everytime you do, you have a random chance of seeing one of his
dreams. Keep staying until you have seen a total of four dreams. You'll
see the final one in the World of Ruin.

Go to the house in the northwest. There is a Elixir in the clock here.
If you brought Locke, he'll explain who Rachel is. Then, go to the hous
in the northeast and downstairs. It is Rachel herself. If you leave the
house and circle around to the back entrance, you can pick up an extra
Green Beret.

Shop around. After you are done, visit the shack north of Kohlingen.

[ FUTURE COLOSSEUM ]-----------------------------------------------------

Items: Hero Ring

This shack is not much now, but it'll become important later on in the
World of Ruin. For now, just take the Hero Ring found in a pot.

Head south, past Kohlingen until you get to a town. This is Jidoor.

[ JIDOOR ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Tincture

This is really only a stopping point for now. Not really much to do. Grab
the Tincture in a pot. When you're ready to leave, rent a chocobo. Now
head north on the eastern side of the mountains. Should not take you long
at all on a chocobo.

[ ZOZO ]-----------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Thief Glove, Chain Saw, Tonic, Tincture, Potion, Fire Knuckle,
X-Potion, Running Shoes, Tincture

First off, this is more a dungeon than a city. You do get into random
battles here and you can't purchase anything.

Head to the building that is supposed to be an Inn. There is a clock here
that can have its time set. Set it to 6:10:50. Part of the wall will
slide away revealing a treasure chest. This is a tool for Edgar, the Chain

Wander around the various buildings (don't bother with the Relic Shop just
yet) picking up various items. A Tincture and Potion can be found in the
pots of one of them. When you're done, head to the Relic Shop.

Keep climbing up until you get to an area where you can leap between
windows. Don't do it just yet, as if you go up one level you'll get a
Thief Glove. When you have that, go ahead and leap across the buildings.

Continue building hopping from one to another while gradually climbing up.
After some climbing you'll come across a guy in your path. He'll claim
he doesn't want to fight, and start one right up (a good liar, he is not).



Dadaluma [Lvl. 22, 3270 HP, 1005 MP]

There's nothing particularly difficult about him. Just use your best
attacks if you feel like it, though it is not neccessary.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you are done with that pitiful display for a boss, continue on and
you'll find yourself in a large room. Grab the treasures along the sides
of the room before heading up. When you do, you'll find the morphred Terra

Ramuh, the Esper, makes his presense known. He proceeds to explain certain
things. Afterwards, he commits suicide and gives you his powers in the
form of magicite. Be sure to also pick up his friends who are also in
magicite form.

When you've got all the Espers, head to the entrance of the room where all
your party members are conveniently gathered for no reason whatsoever.
There will be a sequence where all the characters are discussing matters
while leisurely walking through Zozo.

When you reach the entrance to town, your party will decide their course of
action with Locke and Celes definate members of the current party. Shadow
(having already gotten paid, and too lazy to fight again so soon) leaves.
If you wish to see an additional story scene later, pick Edgar and Sabin as
the last two party members.

Pick your party and head to back to Jidoor.

[ JIDOOR ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Head to the largest house at the top of the city. This is Owzer's House.
Here you can speak with a seemingly strange man who rants about a Maria.
He'll drop a letter which you should pick up.

Apparently this crazed man is the guy who runs the Opera House. A man with
some kind of gambling problem is going to kidnap Maria (the star of the
opera) and make her his wife.

Go grab a chocobo and head south of Jidoor. Destination: Opera House.

[ OPERA HOUSE ]----------------------------------------------------------

When you go in, the aforementioned crazed man, who prefers to go by the
alias Impressario (a.k.a. jackass), explains his problem (which could be
easily remedied by hiring security guards, the cheap bastard). Locke
volunteers Celes' services to fool Setzer, since they need to meet the
gambler anyway. This is also the return of... Ultros.

From your seats, head to the right and down the diagonal aisle. Then go to
the rightmost room and you'll find Celes dressed in opera clothes. If you
need to (and you don't because you have this guide) read the book on Celes'
table for the correct lines to sing. They are:

1. Oh, my hero...
2. I'm the darkness...
3. Must I...

After this a guy shows up. Have Celes continue to chase him around the
stage until he disappears and is replaced with a bouquet of flowers. Pick
it up and go to the top platform. Go to the very end of the platform and
Celes will throw it off.

The scene is back to Locke who finds Ultros' letter. After reading it,
speak with the Impressario. You have five minutes to save Celes.

Go to the right and up to the very top. Pull the rightmost switch. Now,
head back and go the the other side of the second floor balcony. This will
lead to a set of beams which will lead to Ultros. The place is filled with
rats. Anytime you come close to one, they will start a random battle. It
is possible to avoid some of them, but it is quite difficult. I suggest
you don't even bother. You don't need much time to beat Ultros anyway.



Ultros [Lvl. 19, 2550 HP, 500 MP]

As with any boss, use your best attacks. Whomever has Ramuh should use it.
Also use the Bolt spell like there's no tommorow. It will take down Ultros
very quickly.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the fight, and some extremely bad impromptu acting, Setzer kidnaps
Celes. Of course, your other members manage to sneak onboard Setzer's
Blackjack airship as well.

After Celes hussles Setzer into helping them (with Edgar's double headed
coin), you all head toward Vector.

If had both Sabin and Edgar in your party, you'll see a very brief extra
scene. If you didn't have Edgar, for some miraculous reason, Celes still
has Edgar's coin.

You'll hve to sit through a ridiculously long sequence where all you do is
fly toward a continent. Yes, I was bored as well. Eventually you'll land
on the continent directly south of Vector, your main destination. Of
course, since this is your first time on the continent, you should do some
wandering around. There's even a town conveniently next to where the
airship landed.

[ ALBROOK ]--------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Tincture, Potion, Elixir

Search the clock in the Cafe for a (you guessed it) Elixir. The Tincture
is in a pot in the Weapon Shop whereas the Potion is the a barrel in the
Inn. Shop around if you want.

Head to the southwestern most city on the continent. Be prepared for a
long walk.

[ MARANDA ]--------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Revivify, Remedy

Not much to do except shop around and grab to the items. Find them in the
various boxes around town.

Once that is done, you can leave town and head toward Vector. It is in
the dead center of the continent and looks like a fortress. You could
visit Tzen (the northern city) or the Imperial Base to the east, but there
isn't anything of particular interest in either places.

[ VECTOR ]---------------------------------------------------------------

First off, do not talk to any guards. Second, do not use the Inn. All you
will get is your GP stolen. If your party is in need of resting, you can
speak with an old lady standing outside a house. She asks you if you
support the empire. Answer no and guards will attack you. Afterwards, she
will heal your party.

If you go the north and try and get into the castle, you'll be stopped by
the (for now) unbeatable Guardian. Not something you want to do. Instead
speak with the strange guy hiding behind a box. He'll go and distract the
guards. As he does this, climb onto the box he has hiding behind, and your
party will climb up onto the beams to behind the guards. Head into the
Magitek Factory.

[ MAGITEK FACTORY ]------------------------------------------------------

Items: Flame Sabre, Tincture, X-Potion, Thunder Blade, Remedy, Tent,
Dragoon Boots, Gold Shield, Blizzard, Zephyr Cape, Gold Helmet,
Gold Armor, Break Blade

This is the largest and most complicated dungeon in the game at this point.
For now, just pick up any treasure chests you can, and familiarize yourself
with the place. Keep doing this until you get to a scene in which Kefka
throws two Epsers down a hole.

For now, do not jump onto the conveyor belt, as it will take you down to
the pit and you'll have to have a boss fight. Simply explore the rest of
the facility, while avoiding that pit. There are two treasures hidden from
sight in the right wall. There are two other treasure chests that are
difficult to find, the Gold Helmet and Gold Armor. They are both located
in their own "hidden" rooms. Both of the rooms are found in the southern
wall. Walk along the wall and look for a door in a part of the wall (you
will have to look closely as it is very blended in). After you have found
one of them, the other should be easy, as it is basically the same thing,
just on the other end of the wall.

When you've collected everything save for the Break Blade, ride the belt
into the pit Kefka threw your Esper friends into. Examine the one on the
left and you'll initiate a boss fight.



Ifrit [Lvl. 21, 3300 HP, 600 MP]
Shiva [Lvl. 21, 3000 HP, 500 MP]

This boss fight has your characters facing one, then the other, as the two
Espers rotate for a tag-team style fight.

They aren't particularly difficult. As always, simply use the best attacks
available to your members. Take note, Bolt and Ramuh are worthless in this
fight. As is Aurabolt, so if you're using Sabin, opt for Pummel instead.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once you are done fighting them, they decide to turn themselves into
magicite and offer their services to you. If you need to leave this pit,
examine the hook in the area. The left room is a save point. Head to the
right room to continue on.

Go past some stairs until you come to a room resembling a hallway with
several large glass containment tubes. In the left side of the room, hug
the southern wall and you eventually come across an out-of-sight treasure
chest containting the last treasure in the facility, the Break Blade.

Continue on and you'll eventually run into another boss, Number 024.



Number 024 [Lvl. 24, 4777 HP, 777 MP]

As always, waste it with your best attacks. Sadly, Number 024 puts up
close to no fight at all.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After get past that particularly easy boss, you'll enter a room full of
more glass examining tubes. The difference, though, is that there are
a lot of Espers trapped in these. Go up to the main computer and all of
the Espers will join you.

Cid appears and voices his scientific opinions. Kefka, too, will show up.
Stuff happens and Celes uses her powers to remove herself, Kefka, and all
of the Magitek Armors from the area. Follow Cid and he'll take you to an
elevator. When you are at the bottom of the elevator, Cid will toss you
into a mine cart and you will travel through the mines, facing various
Mag Roaders.

At the end of the mine cart right, you have to fight Number 128.



Number 128 [Lvl. 24, 3276 HP, 810 MP]

This is one of the few times stealing pays off. Number 128 is holding a
Tempest that you might want to lift from it.

In terms of the actual battle, there really isn't much to say. It is
stronger than most of the bosses you've faced but nothing to worry about.
Use your best attacks and you'll be fine. Sabin should Blitz AuraBolt,
Edgar should use Tools, Cyan should use Dispatch, Gau either Stray Cat
or Guard. Everyone else should cast magic.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When the mine cart ride ends you'll be back at Vector. Setzer comes and
you all decide to board the Blackjack and leave. Of course, Kefka, being
the maniacal clown he is, decides that will not due and has his cranes
attack you. Setzer joins you in this battle.



Crane [Lvl. 23, 1800 HP, 447 MP]
Crane [Lvl. 24, 2300 HP, 447 MP]

One of them is carrying a Debilitator that you can steal for Edgar.

This being a pincer attack is a hard boss fight as well. Concentrate on
one and finish it off before going after the other. Setzer should use
his Slots. They stink, but his attack is even worse.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once all that is taken care of, your party heads to Zozo. There, Terra
will react to one of the magicite pieces, that of Maduin, her Esper father.
The scene then changes to a sequence where you control Maduin in the Esper

[ ESPER REALM ]----------------------------------------------------------

As Maduin, leave the house and go to the entrance of the realm (in the
north). Maduin finds Madonna, a human woman. He saves her. Events happen
and they fall in love and have a child. Maduin names her Terra.

Then, the Esper Genocide occurs. Gestahl comes and captures some Espers.
Madonna tries to run away with Terra and Maduin goes after her. A spell is
cast and all the humans, Maduin, Madonna and Terra are all sucked out of
the realm. Gestahl takes the baby Terra and that's the end of that.

[ ZOZO ]-----------------------------------------------------------------

Terra regains her composure and the party decides they should head to
Narshe. You now have full control over the Blackjack airship. Though you
can go pretty much anywhere, there is nothing to do. So, head to Narshe.

[ NARSHE ]---------------------------------------------------------------

As you approach the gate, the guards meet you and take you to Banon and the
Returners have a chat session to determine their next course of action.
They decide, they must get to the Esper Realm that thus that is your next

For now, stick around in Narshe. The shops have new items, so take a look
around and see if there is anything worth noting. After that head to the
house with all the treasures you raided earlier.

You'll find Lonewolf the pickpocket here. He's opened the locked chest and
decides to flee when you catch him in the act. Chase him into the mines.
You'll have to chase him until you get to the Tritoch Esper.

Here you'll find him holding Mog hostage. Just stand still for a few
seconds, and Mog will start wrestle his way away from Lonewolf. Their
struggle throws them both over the edge on either side of the platform. If
you choose to help Mog, you get him to join you, and Lonewolf, along with
the Gold Hairpin, will fall and disappear. If you choose to help Lonewolf,
you get the Gold Hairpin and both Mog and Lonewolf fall over.

Though you can still get Mog in the World of Ruin, regardless of which you
choose, I still suggest you take him. He's an extra member and you cannot
acquire his Water Rondo dance if you don't choose him here. Additionally,
The Gold Hairpin isn't worth much. Later you can get several of them, and
even several Economizers (which are infinately better). Further, at this
point in the game, there really aren't enough high-end skills that warrant
the need to deduct MP cost.

Now that your done in Narshe, you are free to head to the Cave to Sealed
Gate, but it would be best to get Mog's Water Rondo dance now.

-- Acquiring the Water Rondo dance --

There are several ways to do this. Here's the fastest. I found this
method in the Mynock's guide (see Author's Note or Credits), so all credit
goes to him.

Place Mog in your party. Head over to Nikeah and grab a chocobo. Ride it
all the way to Barren Falls and take the plunge into the water. You will
end up on the Veldt. Head to Cresent Mountain and jump into the water.
This time, head left at the first juncture and left again at the second
juncture. It is faster than the way you originally went with Sabin, but
since you do not need to get the treasures this time, it is faster.

You will wake up in Nikeah. Exit the town and your airship is waiting for
you. Now it is time to get a few Espers.

-- Golem and Zoneseek --

Head over to Jidoor and go to the Auction House. Keep visiting until one
of the two Espers is auctioned. Golem will cost you sum of 20000 GP, and
Zoneseek goes for 10000 GP. After this, you can head to the Cave to
Sealed Gate. It is directly east of Vector. Make sure you bring Terra

[ IMPERIAL BASE ]--------------------------------------------------------

With Terra in your party, the base is empty. There's a load of treasure in
the house, but it is behind a locked door and you cannot get any of it.
Don't worry, you'll have a chance later on. For now, climb the stairs and
exit on the other side of the screen.

Walk the two steps or so into the Cave.

[ CAVE TO SEALED GATE ]--------------------------------------------------

Items: Assassin, Tempest, Coin Toss, X-Potion, Ether, Genji Glove, Tent,
Inviz Edge, Water Edge, Remedy, Ether, Ether, Magicite, Magicite,
Magicite, AtmaWeapon

The first few rooms are linear enough. You'll eventually across an area
with a lava pit, a few wooden bridges and chests. Sit around for a few
moments and you'll notice that the bridges change every once in awhile.
Memorize the bridge transformations and cross the area collecting all the

In the next area, you'll cross a bridge with a switch in the middle. Pull
it. The bridge is destroyed and your characters fall to their doom. No,
not quite, but they fall all the same. Head to the left for a chest, and
then go right and up. You'll come across a rock wall with two switches.
Pull the left one and a chamber opens. Go in a loot the room. Now pull
the right switch and an enemy attacks you. Pitifully easy battle. After
you beat him, he makes mention of the buried treasure after the staircase.
This is, of course, a clue to hidden items.

Go to the right across the bridge and hit the switch. It creates a
staircase. Cross it. After you cross it, you'll be on a platform with a
treasure chest on a higher platform. This is where the Ninja's hidden
treasure is. First, grab the chest. Then search the ground on this
screen for four different items. Not much, but they are free.

Now go through the opening in the right. Grab the chests as you see them.
You'll come across two switches, both of which you should hit. Head down
and go left. There's another switch here that you should hit as well. A
hidden chamber opens. Go inside and grab the four chests (3 magicites,
and the AtmaWeapon).

The AtmaWeapon is very weak right now, but it will eventually become your
most damaging weapon.

Now head to the right and go up. Pull every switch you see. Make sure
you do not miss the hidden chest inside the chest. As you go along, you
will eventually reach the Sealed Gate.

Here, Kefka comes (as always) and makes his presence known. The Espers
are released and all hell breaks loose. Exit the Cave and you'll board
the airship. It gets attacked by the Espers and crashes near Maranda.

[ VECTOR BANQUET ]-------------------------------------------------------

Items: Charm Bangle, Tintinabar, X-Potion, Back Guard, Tincture, Revivify,
Gale Hairpin

The city lies in ruins, Kefka has been jailed and Gestahl seems to have had
a change of heart (obviously not, but he seems like a good enough actor).
Go north up to the castle (fortress?). A weird looking guy will escort you
to a meeting with Gestahl and Cid.

Gestahl explains his change of heart and asks you to join him in a banquet.
Now, do really trust a guy who is holding a banquet after the seat of his
empire has been laid to waste? But our heroes don't seem to know of logic,
so they agree. Gestahl asks them to speak with as many guards as you can
in the four minutes before the actual banquet.

Keep in mind, you will be forced into certain random battles during this
four minute run, and the clock does not stop. That being said, do not
bother with either of the weird looking men or the doors behind Gestahl's
chair. Head down, speaking with all guards you come across and head back
outside. Talk to all of the ones out here.

Then head back inside and go left. Go through every door you find as you
work your way up and around to the other side of the building. Ignore all
of the treasure chests as you'll be able to pick them up later. When you
get to the very top, you'll be outside. Be sure to visit the room in the
center of this platfrom as there is a guard in there as well.

Now go to the right and head down. When you find the jail cells, leave
the room. There are no guards in there. Kefka's there, but it is not
worth your time to speak with him. After you are done, you should have
spoken to a total of 24 guards.

Now you'll go to the banquet sequence. When prompted, toast your
hometowns. When Gestahl makes mention of Kefka, tell Gestahl to keep him
jailed. When the Doma poisoning is brought up, say it was inexcusable.
When Celes is mentioned, say she is "one of us".

Then Gestahl will allow you to ask him several questions. Choose each one
down the list. Do not ask him the same thing twice. After choosing the
third question, and when you are prompted to ask a question, or move on,
tell him to move on.

Gestahl will talk about what the Espers did. Say they went too far. He
will ask you which question you asked him first. Choose the correct one
(if you've been following my suggestions, that would be the first one).
At this point, Cid will ask if you need to take a break. Choose yes,
then talk to the guards around Gestahl. You will be forced into battle.
Beat them, and talk to all of them. Then take your seat again.

When Gestahl asks you if there is anything you wish to hear him say, reply
that you want him to say the war is over. He then asks for your help (or
more specifically, Terra's help). Say yes the first time he asks. After
this, the banquet is over.

Afterwards all of the party is consulting with each other. They are all
seemingly intelligent enough to grasp that it is probably a trap. Terra
and Locke decide to go. Everyone else stays back.

When trying to leave Vector, you are approached by one of the guards. He
will give you certain rewards depending on your behavior during and before
the banquet. If you spoke with all 24 soldiers and followed the guidelines
above to the word, he will:
- withdraw troops from South Figaro
- withdraw troops from Doma Castle
- open up the locked room in the Imperial Base
- give you a Tintinabar
- give you a Charm Bangle

After this, collect all the treasures from the various rooms in the castle.
When you are done with this, head out to the World Map. Go to the Imperial
Base that leads to the Cave to Sealed Gate.

[ IMPERIAL BASE ]--------------------------------------------------------

Items: Flame Sabre, Cherus Down, X-Potion, Ether, Elixir, Cure Ring, Back
Guard, Running Shoes, Wall Ring

Given you behaved well enough at the banquet, the door in basement of the
guard house will be open. Grab all the chests full of treasure (and some
of GP). The stove down here also has a hidden Flame Sabre.

Once you are done ransacking the place, head to Albrook to continue your
journey. If you want to, you could head to Tzen (northern most city on
the continent) and buy the Sraphim for 3000 GP from a guy hiding in the
trees. I, however, recommend being cheap and waiting until the World of
Ruin when you can get it for the thrifty price 10 GP (quite a bargain in
my opinion).

[ ALBROOK ]--------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Warp Stone

Head to the docks. Once you get there, check on of the boxes to find a
Warp Stone. Then board teh ship and speak with General Leo. He will give
you a small briefing and explain the current situation. Head to the Inn
for some rest at no charge.

In the middle of the night, Locke will get the urge to go outside. He'll
find Celes there and she runs away. In the morning, return to the docks,
speak with Leo, and you're done. During the ride, Terra and Leo will talk,
and Locke gets sea-sick.

You'll eventually land. Head north to the only town in the area.

[ THAMASA ]--------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Eyedrop, Soft, Echo Screen, Green Cherry, Fire Rod, Ice Rod,
Memento Ring

Explore around the area and find all the items (except the Memento Ring) in
various barrels around the town. You'll notice odd hints that the citizens
have magical gifts. This is because Thamasa is the city of the long ago
Magi Warriors.

When you're done treasure collecting and shopping, head to a house with an
old man standing near the staircase. This is Strago. Speak with him and
you are introduced to Relm as well. Afterwards, stay at the Inn for only
1 GP.

In the middle of the night, Strago wakes you up to help him save Relm.
She was at a friend's house when it got fire (because the idiot boy was
playing with his dumbass Fire spell). The townspeople attempt to calm the
fire with some Ice spells, but there is some source of fire inside the
house that must be defeated first.

With Locke, Terra, and Strago head into the house. Avoid touching any of
the fire or you'll be forced into a random battle. The place is very
linear. When you get to a choice of doors, head pick the right one for a
Fire Rod. Then go through the left door to continue on. You'll come to
two more doors. Again choose the right one and this time you get an Ice
Rod. Go back and take the left door and continue. You'll come across
the source of the fire, FlameEater.



FlameEater [Lvl. 26, 8400 HP, 480 MP]

The first chance you have, make Strago use his Aqua Rake Lore. After the
first round Strago should use stick with the regular attack using the Ice
Rod. If more peons are brought in, waste them with another Aqua Rake.
Other characters should use Shiva and Ice spells if you have them.
Otherwise, just use the strongest attacks available.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After this, the party finds Relm and Interceptor who is trying to save her.
The building weakens and the party falls unconscious (Terra seems to do
this on a regular basis). When all is lost, Shadow makes his way in and
saves the party. Of course, he won't admit it.

Afterwards, Strago volunteers his help in locating the Espers. Of course,
Shadow won't come along. When you are in control again, head to his house
and go to the second floor. Search along the left wall to find Shadow's
Memento Ring. When you are ready, leave town. Head west, into the
mountains and you will find a cave.

[ GATHERING PLACE OF THE ESPERS ]----------------------------------------

Items: Heal Rod, X-Potion, Chocobo Suit, Tabby Suit

As you move along through the place, you'll spot Relm quite a few times.
She really sucks at following someone.

Anyway, in the room with three exits, take the right one. The other two
just loop to each other and are not significant. Continue along the linear
path and you will very soon reach a platform with three statues. Examine
them and Strago provides a bit of information. As you try to leave, your
old buddy Ultros appears for the umpteenth time.



Ultros [Lvl. 25, 22000 HP, 750 MP]

Just follow normal strategy against Ultros. Eventually, Relm will show up
and join the fight. As soon as you get the chance, have her use her Sketch
command against Chupon, and it will automatically defeat him.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After this, Relm joins the party. Continue along and you'll reach a save
room with several holes in the floor. Step on the top hole and you will
fall down a level. Go through the opening for two chests. Now jump off
the bridge and climb back up to the save room. Take the right hold and
go through the opening for a chest. Head back to the save room and take
the final hole.

Follow the path and you'll come across the Espers. Some conferencing takes
place and the Espers agree to head to Thamasa to work something out.

[ THAMASA ]--------------------------------------------------------------

As General Leo and the Espers come to an understanding, the peace talks are
put to an abrupt halt as you hear everybody's favorite hyena laugh. Kefka
knocks out the entire party and General Leo and proceeds to capture all the
helpless Espers.

General Leo wakes up. You now control him. Do not try and leave town or
talk to the Magitek soldier, or you'll be attacked by the unbeatable

Approach Kefka and a battle begins. Use either Leo's Offering enhanced
attack or Shock a few times to "take down" Kefka. After that's over, Kefka
shows his true strength and kills the good Leo.

After this, Kefka leaves and the rest of your party comes. A huge chunk of
land breaks off from the world and hovers into the air. This is your next
destination, aptly named "Floating Continent". You can access it through
the Airship. I highly suggest you bring Locke to steal a few Genji Gloves.

[ FLYING TO THE FLOATING CONTINENT ]-------------------------------------

As you fly to the Floating Continent you are attacked by an Imperial fleet.
You have to fight several battles against Sky Armors and Spit Fires. They
are easy enough, so there are no worries there.

After awhile, you'll have to fight Chupon (yet again). Not completely
stupid, Chupon finally realized he could use some help against your party
and brought along a friend.



Ultros [Lvl. 26, 17000 HP, 8000 MP]
Chupon [Lvl. 26, 10000 HP, 40000 MP]

Concentrate on Ultros and eliminte him. It should be fairly easy when you
consider how much practice your party's had fighting him. After that,
simply focus on Chupon to eliminate him as well.

When you "defeat" Chupon, it'll use the Sneeze attack on all your members.
This knocks them off the Airship.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While falling off the Airship, your party simultaneously fight off the Air
Force boss.



Air Force [Lvl. 25, 8000 HP, 750 MP]
MissileBay [Lvl. 25, 3000 HP, 7000 MP]
Laser Gun [Lvl. 24, 3300 HP, 335 MP]
Speck [Lvl. 25, 420 HP, 285 MP]

The Speck blocks magic, and is launched during battle. Water and Lightning
are particularly effective. Just concentrate on the main body (Air Force)
and you should take it down quickly. If the Speck is launched during the
battle, simply attack it with non-spells until it is gone.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the fight, you land on the Floating Continent.

[ FLOATING CONTINENT ]---------------------------------------------------

Items: Murasame, Beret, Elixir

When you land, you'll notice that Shadow is lying on the ground near you.
Head to him and see if he's alright. After some words of disgust aimed at
the Empire, he joins your party.

The Floating Continent is slightly different than any other area in the
game. For starters, instead of treasure chests, you'll find blue orbs.
One of the is a monster-in-a-box, namely Gigantos. Defeating him gets you
a Hardened knife.

Second, there are various walls (they are easy to spot) that seemingly
impede your path. Of course, once you move next to them, they will open
up. They basically serve no purpose at all aside from initially confusing

Thirdly, to get to one point and another, you often have to apply the use
of various transporting apparatuses. There are many of them scattered
across the place, but it doesn't take long to figure out which goes where.

Next, the terrain can be altered through the use of switches that are also
scattered across the place. Like the transporters, they are not hard to
figure out either.

Keeping all this in mind, it should be rather simple to navigate throughout
the place. Eventually, you will run across an ugly looking monster who is
blocking the way to Gestahl and Kefka. This is Atma Weapon. Before you
fight it, I suggest you take some time to try and fight a Dragon or to so
you can steal a Genji Glove. The Dragon is a rare monster and the Genji
Glove is a rare steal, but it is well worth the effort.

-- Turning point warning --

Anything you still need to do in the World of Balance should be done now
before you cannot turn back. This includes any treasure you missed, Mog's
Water Rondo dance if you have him, and if you want all of Gau's rages,
fighting all the monsters that only appear in the World of Balance so they
will appear in the Veldt later on. Once you are done, and ready to commit
to the change in worlds, face off Atma Weapon.



AtmaWeapon [Lvl. 37, 24000 HP, 5000 MP]

If you brought Locke along, you can steal either an Elixir or a Ribbon. If
you luck out, maybe you'll get the Ribbon. And no, you _cannot_ steal a
second AtmaWeapon sword from this monster.

Because of Atma's excessive use of Flare, it is advised you equip Wall
Rings with all your characters. Your strongest attacks should take it down
long before it gets much offense in. It really only has one dangerous
attack which causes status ailments to all characters, but it should be
dead long before it get the chance to use it, considering it doesn't use it
unless late in a battle.

Terra and Locke should stick with spells. Sabin and Edgar should use their
best skill. Gau should Rage either Stray Cat or Guard. Shadow should
throw Shurikens. Cyan should stick with Dispatch. Quadra Slam takes too
long to use properly.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you are done with that mutated rat, Shadow leaves again. Walk up to
meet with Gestahl and Kefka. Celes will automatically join your party.
Kefka displays his treachery and kills Gestahl. He then starts to move the
three Goddess statues out of alignment (which of course, is detrimental to
the planet).

Shadow (I thought he left) comes back and distracts Kefka somewhat, leaving
party free to turn tail and run. Don't worry, you have plenty of time to
escape the continent. When you see a blue orb (Elixir), you have a choice
to approach it from the left or go down and circle around. Choice the
latter, as the former will cause the ground to crumble.

Keep going and you'll come across what appears to be a save point that
blocks your way. Examine it and it begins a boss fight.



AtmaWeapon [Lvl. 26, 2800 HP, 280 MP]

Let's be perfectly blunt, Nerapa has no business being a boss. You should
have no problems at all taking it down.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Head to the end of the continent and you'll see the Airship. Walk to the
edge twice and choose to wait twice. Just stay there until the counter
reaches 0:05. At this point, Shadow will automatically come and the party
will jump onto the airship.

If you do not wait until the counter is 0:05, then Shadow dies and you can
not get him back in the World of Ruin.

Kefka's insanity renders the world asunder. Continents shift out of place
and the world is laid to ruins. The airship is destroyed and all your
party members are scattered to the ends of the world. End of the World of

V. Walkthrough - World of Ruin

-- The World of Ruin: Information --

This is the second half of the game. Unlike the WoB, this part of the game
is almost completely non-linear. The only things you _must_ do to complete
the game are acquire Edgar and Setzer, complete Darill's Tomb and then
Kefka's Tower. Aside from that, everything else is up to the player.

As such, the methods and order of events described in this guide are in the
order I recommend doing them. You can always skip one section to do
another and then come back to do it, or not do it at all.

[ SOLITARY ISLAND ]------------------------------------------------------

It has been one year since Kefka laid waste to the world. You begin as
Celes, who just woke up after having slept all that time. She is stranded
on a small island and Cid is the only other person there. Of course, with
the state of the world being how it is, Cid is slowly dying.

Celes decides to go catch some fish for her "grandfather". You have two
choices here. If you kill off Cid, Celes with attempt suicide and throw
herself off a cliff. Of course, she survives (apparently being nursed
back to health by a seagull of all things). She then finds a letter and
reads it. Apparently Cid had been working on a raft and Celes uses it to
leave Solitary Island.

You can also choose to save Cid. By doing this, Cid will recover to full
health. He then personally shows Celes the raft and she leaves Solitary
Island all the same. There really is no difference or not whether you
save Cid.

Heading south from the house leads to a beach. Here there are four types
of fish that can be caught. Everytime you talk to Cid, the fish types are
reset. The fastest fish will help Cid's health. The moderate moving fish
keep his status the same. The slow moving fish hurt his health. The very
slow (sluggish) fish will instantly kill him.

To save him, keep going to the beach and catching the fast fish. If there
are no fish, go back to Cid and talk to him to reset the fish. Keep doing
this, and after awhile (a long while) he recovers.

To kill him, you can either not feed him anything at all and keep talking
to him until he dies, or you can feed him bad fish until he does die.
Alternatively, you can always feed him one of the sluggish fish.

In my experience, it takes just as long to kill Cid as to save him. Also,
though the sluggish fish appear enough, they stay in the deep water where
Celes can't reach them. So either decide if you want to kill him or save
him and stick with that.

After you're done with this, you will land on one of the main continents
near Albrook. Head there if you want to stock up on items, but there is
nothing particularly interesting there. Instead head north (past Kefka's
tower which you cannot enter) and go to Tzen.

[ TZEN ]-----------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Heal Rod, Pearl Rod, Tincture, Magicite, Drainer, Hyper Wrist

As you enter town, Kefka unleashes one of his toys on the town, namely the
Light of Judgement. As you walk up toward the northern part of town, you
see that a building is about to collapse. All that is keeping the child
caught inside safe for the time being is Sabin, who miraculously is holding
the house up by himself.

You have a few minutes to enter the house, find the kid and leave safely.
The enemies inside use status ailments, so equip a Ribbon. There are a
total of eight treasure chests in the house, six of them treasures and two
of them monsters-in-a-box filled with Pm Stalkers. There are also random

Given that the house is only two stories, if you run from all battles, you
will be able to pick up all items and win both the monster-in-a-box battles
long before time runs out. The kid is in the basement.

After you're done with that, Sabin joins up with Celes and they head off.
Before leaving, stock up on items and equipment. There is a guy hiding in
the trees in the top right side of town. In the World of Balance, you
could have bought the Sraphim Esper from him for 3000 GP. Now that the
world is in ruins, he's much more willing to part with it. It will only
cost you 10 GP (what a steal).

On the World Map, you'll notice that there is a large crescent shaped strip
of land connected to the continent you are on. Head to the eastern most
part of it to get to Mobliz, your next destination.

[ MOBLIZ ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Fenix Down

As you enter, dogs bark a warning and a kid hurries into a house. There's
a barrel with a Fenix Down in one of the houses.

Enter the house the kid went into and go downstairs. You'll find several
kids living underground here with Terra. She claims she can no longer

At this point, Phunbaba, an ancient monster released when the world was
effectively "destoryed" by Kefka. Terra attempts to fight it herself and
gets soundly defeated. Your party will come to attack Phunbaba themselves.



Phunbaba [Lvl. 31, ????? HP, ??? MP]

Use your strongest attacks. If either have it, Bio will more than likely
be the strongest attack you have against Phunbaba. It will flee after you
have done enough damage to it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Afterwards, Terra again confirms she cannot leave the children to fight.
Before you go, a kid will give you the Fenrir Esper that Phunbaba dropped.
Now head to the other end of the crescent shaped strip of land. You'll
end up in Nikeah. Along the way you will pass by the Fanatics' Tower,
which you can only access by use of the Airship. Ignore it for now.

[ NIKEAH ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Head to the Cafe and talk to all the members of an apparent gang of bandits
that is lead by a man named Gerad. They will leave and board the ship. Go
back into town and you'll notice a man who looks exactly like Edgar, only
he's a palette swap.

Of course, he is Edgar (especially obvious when you take into account that
the name "Gerad" is a re-write of "Edgar"). Not to blow his cover, Gerad
acts as if he has no idea who Celes is. Board the boat.

[ SOUTH FIGARO ]---------------------------------------------------------

Items: Fenix Down*, Elixir*, Remedy*, X-Potion*

The items are only available if you took my advice and left their "lesser"
counterparts alone in the World of Balance.

Shop around and reequip your two members. When you're done, head into the
Inn and you'll find Gerad lounging in one of the rooms. As you try to get
him to admit who he is, a bandit comes in and they leave to rob Figaro

Follow the Bandits to the nearby Figaro Cave.

[ FIGARO CAVE ]----------------------------------------------------------

Items: X-Potion*, Ether*, Hero Ring*

The items are only available if you took my advice and left their "lesser"
counterparts alone in the World of Balance.

As you enter, Siegfried stops you and tells you he will go in ahead. No
one cares, so go right in. You've been through this cave enough you should
know where to go. Pick up the treasures if you left them in the World of
Balance. When you get to the other end of the cave, follow everyone's lead
and use the turtle to go further into the cave.

Any chests you run into now are already taken by Seigfried so don't bother.
When you get to a fork, choose the bottom path. The top path leads to
Seigfried who will flee from you on sight. It serves no purpose, so don't
even bother. At the end of the bottom path, exit the cave and you'll be
in the jail cells of Figaro Castle.

[ FIGARO CASTLE ]--------------------------------------------------------

Items: Crystal Helm, Gravity Rod, Ether, X-Potion, Regal Crown, Soul Sabre

Go upstairs into the main level and down into the other basement. Keep
going through the linear path. Eventually, you will reach a room where you
enter from the right. There are two rooms each with two chests on the
southern wall. Take the left door out to find another treasure chest.
After that, return to the room with the four chests and take the center

Follow along the path and you find the bandits. They head into a room, and
Edgar finally reveals himself to the party. A boss fight begins.



Tentacle [Lvl. 31, 7000 HP, 800 MP]
Tentacle [Lvl. 32, 6000 HP, 700 MP]
Tentacle [Lvl. 33, 5000 HP, 600 MP]
Tentacle [Lvl. 34, 4000 HP, 500 MP]

Though there are four targets, and you have only three characters, it
should still be an easy battle. Have Sabin use his strongest Blitz, while
Edgar uses Chain Saw. Celes should simply attack. Each tentacle has a
different elemntal property they absorb, and it is not worth it to figure
out which is which. The battle should not take long.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When you are done, the party hides from the bandits. They believe Gerad to
have died and leave the castle. Once they are gone, head back into the
room where the bandits took the treasure. Check the statue standing in the
center of the room for a Soul Sabre.

Once you are done have the old man take you to the area near Kohlingen.

[ KOHLINGEN ]------------------------------------------------------------

Head into the Cafe and have a chat with Setzer. He agrees to help out
again and tells you to head to a place called Darill's Tomb.

[ DARILL'S TOMB ]--------------------------------------------------------

When you get here, Setzer will open up the tomb. Head down past the first
room into one that extends to the left and right. Head to the southeast
room for a chest. Go back to the main room. Head to the southwest room.
Grab the chest and head downstairs. Grab this chest as well. Stand in
front of this treasure chest and take _one_ step down. Then go straight
right and you'll find a hidden passage that has an Exp. Egg.

Leave the secret passage and go into the door. Hit the switch. Go back
out, upstairs and back into the main chamber. Go into the northeast room.
Check the gravestone and a secret passage is revealed. Go inside and hit
the switch. Go back into the main chamber. Go into the center room that
leads south.

Hop onto the turtle and cross the pond. Going to the southern room takes
you into a room with four gravestones. These are part of a mini puzzle.
If you solve it, a clue is given about the Exp. Egg. Since you already
have it, there is no point to complete the puzzle. However, for the sake
of completion, here it is:

Each gravestone has four letters carved in them. They are: ERAU, QSSI,
DLRO, WEHT. If you put all the letters together in that order and reverse
them, you come up with "The World is Square". One of the more clever bits
of humor Square put into this game. Go back to the main room and go into
the southwest room. Input the riddle into the gravestone and the clue
comes up.

Back to where we were, right after crossing the pond, before going into the
room with the four gravestones. Hit the switch next to you, and cross the
pond to the right. Head into the room. Grab the right chest and save.

The left chest is a monster-in-a-box, namely Presenter. Defeating it nets
you a Dragon Claw for Sabin. If you can manage to have the final blow kill
both the head _and_ shell at the same time, then you get two Dragon Claws.

Now go up and you'll run into a boss fight really soon.



Dullahan [Lvl. 37, 23450 HP, 1721 MP]

This boss should fall really quickly. Celes should use Fire spells, Edgar
should use the Chain Saw, Sabin should use AuraBolt, and Setzer can just
sit there.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After this, you will see various scenes from Setzer's past of Darill. When
those are finished, you now have access to a new airship, the Falcon. Your
party will see a bird flying to Maranda. This is "supposed" to be your
next destination, but we will take a few detours first.

-- Doom Gaze --

As an added note, as you fly around in the Airship, you can be randomly
attacked by a monster named Doom Gaze. It has a total of 55555 HP. Of
course, after doing a certain amount of damage in one battle, the monster
turns tail and flees. You have to keep fighting it randomly until it dies.

Of course, after fleeing a battle, Doom Gaze does not ever gain any HPs
back so it is not a difficult task. When you defeat it, you will acquire
the Bahamut Esper.

Further, Doom Gaze can be defeated at once through the use of Vanish and
Doom. If, however, you use X-Zone, you will defeat Doom Gaze, but not gain
the Bahamut Esper. So do not use X-Zone. Using Doom has no such penalties

[ DUNCAN'S HOUSE ]-------------------------------------------------------

Duncan's house appears on the World Map as the center tree of five that
form a cross shape. If you are having trouble finding it, head to Narshe
(which is marked on your map) and head in a northeast direction until you
reach the northernmost point on the continent. There should be a mountain
range, and under it, the five trees.

Be sure to bring Sabin. When you enter, you are greeted by Banon dressed
in Gerad's clothes. No, not quite, but that's what Duncan looks like. He
and Sabin start sparring and eventually, Sabin learns the mighty Bum Rush.
Unless you have completely neglected to use Sabin, in all likelihood, this
will be your strongest attack.

Now leave the cabin (which looks remarkably like Sabin's Shack from the
World of Balance) and board the Airship. Your next destination will be

[ NARSHE ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Moogle Charm, Ribbon*, Elixir*, Pod Bracelet*

There are random encounters here. It isn't anything to worry about though,
considering they are quite easy. Don't bother trying any of the houses, as
they are all locked (you'll have to bring Locke back here, later on).

Head into the Mines and find the Moogle Cave. When you get there, speak
with Mog, who'll join your party. After he joins, search the spot where he
was standing, facing the wall. You'll get the Moogle Charm, one of the
most useful relics in the game. Only Mog can equip it, but when Mog is
wearing it, you won't face random encounters.

* At this point, you can be incredibly cheap and place Mog in your party
with the Moogle Charm equipped. Then take him to all the yet-unexplored
dungeons of the game, and loot all the treasures without having to worry
about random encounters (do note, that you'll have to actively avoid
boss battles on your own, because the Moogle Charm (obviously) does not
prevent these.

If you did not get the Rune Edge during the World of Balance, the chest is
now a much more valuable Ribbon. If you did not get the Fenix Down or the
Sleeping Bag in the World of Balance, you can get a Pod Bracelet and Elixir

Leave Narshe for now and board the Airship. Head to Triangle Island.

[ TRIANGLE ISLAND ]------------------------------------------------------

Items: Ether, Red Jacket, Genji Armor, FakeMustache, Magical Brsh, Zephyr
Cape, Hero Ring, Thunder Shld, Tack Star

This is a triangular (*gasp*) shaped island located in the northeast of the
World Map. Land here and walk around until you face a random encounter
(which means that you should take off the Moogle Charm if you have it now).

You will eventually end up in a battle against a monster called the Zone
Eater. Allow it to use the attack "Engulf" against all your members, and
you will end up in a cave.

Going to the light at the top will take you back up to the surface. Head
south instead. You'll come to a long room with a bunch of running fools on
various bridges. Jump onto a bridge and make contact with one of the guys
who are running. You'll be knocked down into a lower room. Grab the two
chests and climb back up.

Now, attempt to cross the bridge, collecting all the treasures wihtout
touching any of the running people. If you fail, you can always try again.
After you are done there, you come to a save point. Save.

The next room has several chests, and an unoriginal collapsing ceiling.
You can see each "safe" spot as you proceed, so it should not be hard to
avoid being crushed. And you do not want to be crushed, as it means game

After you are done with that room, you cross a cooridor and come to a room
with many treasure chests. Only one of them has an item, though and the
rest are used a jump sites to get from one area to another. Use the chests
To get to a bridge directly above the only switch in the room. On the
bridge, head straight down and you'll land on the platform with the switch.
Now you can grab the chest and head into the north room.

Here you will find Gogo, Mimic extraordinaire, from Final Fantasy V. It'll
join you. Now you are done with Triangle Island, so leave. Board the
Airship and head to Maranda (where the bird went when you first got the

[ MARANDA ]--------------------------------------------------------------

Head to the house in the northeast. Speak with Lola and read her letter on
the desk. Go outside and attach it to the carrier pigeon. It will fly to
Zozo. This is, naturally, your next destination.

[ ZOZO ]-----------------------------------------------------------------

Head to the front of the Inn, where a man is standing. Purchase the item
Rust-Rid from him. Go inside the Cafe and climb upstairs until you come
across two rooms. The room on the left can be opened by using the Rust-Rid
and it leads into Mt. Zozo.

[ MT. ZOZO ]-------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Ice Shld, Red Cap, Thunder Shld, Aegis Shld, Gold Hairpin

Pick up the two chests immediately visible and head downstairs. Circle
around, picking up the chest, and you come back to the otherside of the
starting point. Grab the next chest, and you find two doorways. Head to
the left one for another chest, then take the right opening.

Cross the bridge and you'll come to another cave. Save and then head up
and hit the switch. You'll release the Storm Dragon from the chest, who
proceeds to fly circles around the room. Intercept it and a battle begins.



Storm Drgn [Lvl. 74, 42000 HP, 1250 MP]

This boss might be a bit tough at this point. Sabin, with the Bum Rush
will more than likely be doing the most damage by far. Concentrate on
keeping Sabin healed up and you should be fine.

You will win a Force Armor from the Storm Drgn.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you've taken care of that, head south and eventually you will reach a
cave full of flowers. Go past it to a waterfall, where you will find Cyan.
After a few events, he will join your party.

Go back to the waterfall area and pick up a key. You can now open the
chest in the flower room. It contains two books. They serve no purpose in
the NA version of the game. I've heard that the Machinery Manual will
allow Cyan to use Edgar's "Tools" in the Japanese version, but I've never
been able to confirm it myself.

Head to Doma Castle, to complete the rest of Cyan's quest.

[ DOMA CASTLE ]----------------------------------------------------------

Items: Elixir, Ether, Remedy, X-Potion, Fenix Down, Beads

Make sure Cyan is in your party. If you want the third Momento Ring in the
game, bring along Gogo. Search the castle for items. The Elixir is in a
clock (naturally), the Remedy is in a pot. The rest are in chests. When
you are done with that, go into one of the rooms with beds and take a nap.

[ CYAN'S SOUL - DREAM WORLD ]--------------------------------------------

Items: Genji Glove, Flame Shld, Ice Shld, X-Potion

You begin as a single character in a maze. Your objective is to find your
other party members and then leave the area.

Personally, my strategy for finding my way out of the maze is to just keep
picking random doors. Terrible, I know, but it works for me. After you
get your other two members back, you'll eventually end up opening a door
that causes Larry, Moe and Curley to attack you.



Moe [Lvl. 47, 12500 HP, 2000 MP]
Larry [Lvl. 47, 10000 HP, 2000 MP]
Curley [Lvl. 47, 15000 HP, 2000 MP]

There's really not much you need to worry about. Seriously, if you have
trouble defeating the Three _Stooges_, there is something wrong.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once you are done ridding yourself of those pests go through the door they
were "guarding". You will end up on the dream version of the Phantom

Head left until you come to a switch. As you did in the original Phantom
Train, pull it twice. Grab the chest. The next chest is blocking an
additional chest. Head further left and acquire the Lump of Metal. Move
back to the "guard" chest and drop the metal into it. Now you can move
past it to the chest.

Go to the next switch and hit it. The treasure chests will be arranged as

Chest - Open Chest - Open Chest - Closed
Chest - Closed Chest - Closed Chest - Open

The next cart has a simple switch puzzle. Hitting one switch moves on
piece of furniture. Easy enough to solve.

After bypassing the switch puzzle, you'll come across six treasure chests
that you need to arrange following the example above. After that, hit the
switch directly above the six chests.

Now head left into the engine room. After entering, leave and you will end
up in a cave, in Magitek Armor. Head south to exit the cave. You'll end
up in a place that continues to loop around leading you nowhere. So,
instead of heading forward, go back and you'll come into a screen with a
bridge. Trying to cross it will cause you to appear back at Doma Castle.

Here, Cyan's wife and son tell you to free his soul from Wrexsoul. Explore
the around the castle for three scenes of Cyan's life before heading to the
throne room. Here you'll find Wrexsoul.



Wrexsoul [Lvl. 53, 23066 HP, 5066 MP]
SoulSaver [Lvl. 41, 3066 HP, 566 MP]
SoulSaver [Lvl. 41, 3066 HP, 566 MP]

At the beginning of battle, Wrexsoul will disappear. If you want to end
the battle the cheap way, just cast the X-Zone spell. Instant victory.
Note, that you may have to cast it more than once, but it should only take
at most two or three castings.

If you wish to steal the Momento Ring, or defeat Wrexsoul the regular way,
you have to continue attacking one of your own characters until they are
critically hurt. Then Wrexsoul will appear in a tangible form.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you are done with this, a sequence will occur, and Cyan will now have
access to all of his SwdTechs. When back in the real world, head back into
the throne room and take the Alexander Esper off the throne.

Now that you are done, head back to the Airship. Your next destination is
the Veldt.

[ VELDT ]----------------------------------------------------------------

Pick up Gau as you would normally if he used his skill Leap. That is, have
only three members in your party and fight on the Veldt. Eventually, Gau
will make his appearance and join up with you.

Now, head into the Cave in the Veldt, which is where Cresent Mountain used
to be.

[ CAVE IN THE VELDT ]----------------------------------------------------

Items: Rage Ring, Striker

When you enter, there are two paths. Take the north one. The east one
leads nowhere. Grab the chest for a Rage Ring. Talking to the people will
only give you hints toward getting back Gau, but that's not exactly useful.

Head through the wooden door. You'll come across a hallway blocked from
view, which clearly has a "secret passage". Head to the right and open the
chest for a fight again Allo Ver. After defeating it, you acquire the
Tiger Fangs, Sabin's best weapon.

Now head south from the hidden passage. Follow the path and you get to a
place that is blocked off by rocks. Head a bit south and pull the switch
to move the rocks. Head a bit more south to grab the Striker.

Go through the passage originally blocked by rocks and you'll eventually
end up seeing Shadow lying on the floor. If you did not bother to wait for
Shadow on the Floating Continent, then Relm will be here instead. You get
attacked by the SrBehemoth.



SrBehemoth [Lvl. 43, 19000 HP, 1600 MP]

This fight is nothing to be worried about. SrBehemoth is not particularly
difficult to beat. Like always, simply use your best attacks and it should
bite the dust soon.

After you defeat it, another one attacks you from behind.

SrBehemoth [Lvl. 49, 19000 HP, 9999 MP]

The battle is much the same. There are only two differences. One being
that you are attacked from behind (minor problem, if that). Two is that
this Behemoth is undead. If you do not feel like beating it the same way
you beat the previous one, just use a Fenix Down and be done with it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After this, your party takes Shadow/Relm over to Thamasa to recuperate.
Leave Thamasa for now, there is no point to staying here. Pilot the Falcon
over to Figaro Castle.

[ FIGARO CASTLE ]--------------------------------------------------------

Go to the Basement and have the old man take you across the mountains.
Halfway through, you will be given the choice to keep going or stop and
explore. Choose to stop. Head to the jail, and go through the hole in the
wal behind the far cell.

[ CAVE TO ANCIENT CASTLE ]-----------------------------------------------

Items: Ether, Wing Edge, Doom Darts, Magicite, X-Potion

The cave is not very remarkable. Treasures are scattered all over, so pick
them all up. Be warned, one of the chests houses a monster-on-a-box. This
one is Master Pugs, and you will win a Graedus from the fight.

The save point is a marker of sorts. Make sure you collect all of the
treasures before you head past the save point. Once you are done treasure
hunting, go through and you will end up in the Ancient Castle, home of the
petrified Esper Odin.

[ ANCIENT CASTLE ]-------------------------------------------------------

Items: X-Ether, Punisher, Blizzard Orb, Gold Hairpin

You will be treated to a scene with Odin using the Atom Edge (and yes, this
is where I got my name from). Then he gets beaten and petrified by a
sorceress (damn it!).

Head up, but before going into the castle, go to the adjacent room to the
left. The chest here contains a monster-in-a-box called KatanaSoul. Upon
defeat, you will get the (almighty) Offering.

Now, head to the other adjacent room to the right of the castle entrance
and pick up the chest. When that's done, head into the castle and go
straight up until you come across Odin. Examine the statue and you will
get the Odin Esper. From the right throne, walk down exactly five steps
and you should be standing on some steps. Press the action button.

This opens up a secret room on the right side. Head there and examine
the shimmering dot in the bookcase for the Queen's diary. Examine the
bucket for a X-Ether item. Head downstairs to encounter the Blue Drgn.



Blue Drgn [Lvl. 65, 26900 HP, 3800 MP]

As you might suspect, the Blue Drgn has an affinity towards Ice. So avoid
using that against it. You strongest attacks should be enough to take it
down fairly fast.

You will acquire a Scimitar for defeating this boss.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Head up a bit and you will see that the Queen is also petrified. If you
walk up and examine her, Odin will become Raiden. Raiden is stronger and
allows you to learn the Quick spell.

-- Odin or Raiden --

I lot of people tend to wait until later in the game to transform Odin into
Raiden. The reason is because once Odin is transformed, he cannot be
reverted back and Odin possesses the _only_ Esper Speed bonus on level up.

Either way, head back into the throne room. Go into the northeast room for
two treasure chests. Now that you are done, leave the castle and the cave.
Return Figaro Castle back to where it was and board the Airship. Your next
destination is the Colosseum.

[ COLOSSEUM ]------------------------------------------------------------

Wager the Striker you acquired from the Cave in the Veldt. You will fight
a battle against Shadow. Once you have won, you get the Striker back and
Shadow joins permanently (took long enough).

Now that you are done, head to Jidoor.

[ JIDOOR ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Moogle Suit, Relic Ring, Potion, Ether, Remedy

Head straight to the north of town and enter Owzer's House. Try to go into
the Art Gallery. You are turned back. Read Owzer's Diary and then hit the
lamp at the base of the stairs. Now head into the Art Gallery and examine
Emperor Gestahl's portrait twice. You will get information on the Phoenix

Now examine the painting directly south of Gestahl's. A battle ensues and
after winning, a door is revealed. When you run into a choice between two
doors, take the left for a chest. Then take the right, and head into the
space behind the three doors for a chest.

Enter the leftmost door. Continue along and you'll eventually end up
falling from a painting. This room has many floating chests. Standing
under each one causes a random battle, but allows you to take the contents
of the chests.

Check the armor painting and you will get attacked. Once you defeat that
monster, a door will appear. You will end up in a room will a save point
and two doors. The left door is useless as it will just take your back to
an earlier point.

The right door leads to Owzer, Relm and a boss fight.



Demon [Lvl. 41, 30000 HP, 7600 MP]
Woman [Lvl. 37, 56000 HP, 9400 MP]

During the battle, the demon and the woman switch off. Your objective is
to destroy the demon. So, basically, attack the demon, but do not attack
the woman.

Fire spells and your strongest attacks will be able to end this battle
relatively shortly.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After this is done, Relm will have joined your party and you will get the
Esper Starlet. Leave town, and board the Airship. Time to get Strago.

[ FANATICS' TOWER ]------------------------------------------------------

Make sure Relm is in your party. As you enter, a scene will automatically
occur and Strago rejoins the party.

I suggest you leave for now, instead of climbing the tower. At the end,
you are forced to fight MagiMaster who automatically casts Ultima upon
defeat, and one of the easier ways to defeat him is to use Life3. Since
you haven't completed the Phoenix Cave yet, you do not have access to Life3
at this point.

Place Strago in your party and head to Thamasa.

[ THAMASA ]--------------------------------------------------------------

Bringing Strago and Relm here, you will find that Gungho has been injured
by Hidon, the beast Strago hunted when he was younger. Strago vows

Despite what Strago says, you can bring a full party and still be able to
fight Hidon. Also, now that the Thamasa scene is over, you do not need to
have Relm in your party anymore.

Head to the surfaced Ebot's Rock directly north of Thamasa.

[ EBOT'S ROCK ]----------------------------------------------------------

Inside the cave, you will find a treasure chest that wants corel. Warp
around the maze collecting coral from each treasure chest.

Make sure you have around 25 pieces before you feed the chest. When you
do, it will be satisfied and move out of the way.

Head up and your party runs into Hidon.



Hidon [Lvl. 43, 25000 HP, 12500 MP]
Hidonite [Lvl. 43, 3500 HP, 1000 MP]
Hidonite [Lvl. 43, 3500 HP, 1000 MP]
Hidonite [Lvl. 43, 3500 HP, 1000 MP]
Hidonite [Lvl. 43, 3500 HP, 1000 MP]

If you are worried, wear poison resistence. It shouldn't be needed though
as Hidon is a pushover. Eliminate the Hidonites first and then just let
loose with your strong attacks agaisnt Hidon.

Before you eliminate Hidon, though, let him cast the GrandTrain lore so
Strago can learn it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After this, Strago goes back to Gungho to brag. Your next destination is
the Phoenix Cave. On the airship, head to the mountain range shaped like
a star directly north of Kefka's Tower. There is a small opening in the
middle. Land here with your airship.

You will be prompted to form to parties.

[ PHOENIX CAVE ]---------------------------------------------------------

Items: Wing Edge, Warp Stone, Dragon Horn, Ribbon

Have the first group go into the cave and step on the switch that is there.
This will open up an area further into the cave. Switch to your other
group and head into the opening.

You will come to an area with spikes on the floor to the northeast, an
opening in the southeast and a chest to the west. Attempt to grab the
chest and you will fall down a floor onto a nicely placed set of spikes.
Head south, up the stairs and step on the switch. A bridge will form that
allows your group to open the chest.

Now head to the aforementioned opening in the southeast and step on the
switch. Switch to your other party and head through the opening. Have
them advance up and step onteh nearest switch.

Switch back to the other group and head through the newly cleared ground.
Then go to the right and down towards a switch. Step on it and change to
the other group.

The chest that is opened up is one of the many chests that have already
been pillaged (don't worry, you'll automatically acquire all of them
later on). However, if you head directly south of the chest, you can get
to a "hidden" chest. When you've gotten that, head to the stairs and go

You have a choice of going south then east or going to the west for an
empty chest and a switch. Go to the latter and step on the switch. It
causes a group of rocks to appear in the lava. Now head back and take
the other route. Ignore the (empty) chest and you'll end up at a dead
end. Switch to the other group.

Head left and you'll reach a staircase leading down. Take it and head to
the right. Cross both sets of rocks. Don't bother with the chest behind
the spikes. As you can imagine, it is empty as well. Step on the switch
to give your other group a passage. Switch to them.

Go into the new passage, up the stairs. Circle around back downstairs and
hit the switch to open up the passage for the other group. Switch to them.
You will shortly come to another switch. Step on this and (again) switch
to the opposite group.

Head upstairs and past the newly retracted spikes. When you reach the
stairs, go down. Hop across the stones to get to the left, then hop again
across the stones to get to another platform. Head right and you will come
to another platform that has two choices. Taking the closer one leads to
an empty chest. The further one leads to a stairway going up.

You will find a switch on the wall. Pull it and head south to a passage
blocked by rocks. Switch groups.

Head past the save point (use it if you wish) and you eventually come to a
switch and a passage leading further. For now, step on the switch to open
up a trail for the other group. Obviously you need to switch groups to
put it to good use.

Head south, momentarily ignoring the stairs and you'll eventually run into
the Red Dragon and a chest behind it.



Red Dragon [Lvl. 67, 30000 HP, 1780 MP]

The Red Dragon, like all the others, isn't too hard to defeat. As always,
use the tried and true method of unloading all your strongest attacks to
take it down.

You will acquire the Strato for Cyan upon defeating it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Head back up to the stairs you passed earlier. You'll be on a platform
that has three switches, one on the northern side and two on the southern
side. Step on the northern one and switch groups.

Head through the rock passage and downstairs into the lava pit area. Get
the chest that is available and head to the only other exit in the north
west. Circle around and hop across the rocks. Now, step on one of the
two southern switches and have the other group do the same.

Pick whichever group you want (doesn't really matter) and advance further
into the cave. You will run into Locke who has just taken the Phoenix
Esper (though a bit cracked) out of its chest. The entire party including
Locke heads to Kohlingen.

[ KOHLINGEN ]------------------------------------------------------------

Items: X-Potion, Fenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame Shld, Valiant Knife

Locke will have a lengthy scene with Rachel who is temporarily being
revived by the Phoenix Esper. When it is over, Locke will meet up with
Celes and give the party all of the items listed above. They were the
empty chests that were abundant all over the Phoenix Cave.

Now we can go pick up Terra. Head to Mobliz.

[ MOBLIZ ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Ether

Come prepared to take down Phunbaba for good. Going to the cave you were
in earlier, the children all say that Katarin is missing (Duane and Terra
are both nowhere to be found as well). Go to the house on the left and you
will find Duane. Talk to him and go down the hidden staircase (you'll
notice the dog taking it).

Here you will find both Terra and Katarin. The pot down here houses an
Ether. After speaking with them, Duane comes and apologizes to Katarin.
Of course, this moment cannot go uninterrupted, so Phunbaba decides to
show his ugly self.



Phunbaba [Lvl. 31, 26000 HP, 10000 MP]

At this point in the game, you should easily be much more powerful than is
required to take down Phunbaba. Use your strongest attacks and Bio. Once
you've done enough damage, Phunbaba removes a few characters from battle.
At this point, Terra decides to join in.

Phunbaba [Lvl. 31, 26000 HP, 10000 MP]

Phunbaba is, still, weak. As before use your strongest attacks and Bio.
After you take down its HPs this time, it finally lies down and dies.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally, Terra regains her fighting spirit and joins your party. Get on
the Airship and head to the Opera House.

[ OPERA HOUSE ]----------------------------------------------------------

Head up to the area where your party watched Celes' performance. The
Impressario is pacing around because of a coffee overdose. That and one of
the eight dragons is on stage. To reach it, head to the area in the
northeast area. Pull the third switch from the left and you will fall to
the stage.



Dirt Drgn [Lvl. 53, 28500 HP, 16500 MP]

Yet another dragon, yet another easy battle. Again use your strongest
attacks to take it down.

If you have trouble (not likely) equip a Cherub Down or two.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once that is over with, Impressario gives you his thanks (sans reward, that
cheap bastard) and off you go. Put both Locke and Mog in the party and
head to Narshe.

[ NARSHE ]---------------------------------------------------------------

Items: Ragnarok, Cursed Shld, Gauntlet, X-Ether

Now that you have Locke, you can open up all the doors to the houses. Only
two of them contain anything of use at all. The first of which is the
Weapon shop. Go in and head downstairs behind the counter. You will find
an old man sitting in a chair beside a bed. Speak with him and he offers
to either give you the Ragnarok Esper or forge it into the sword.

This is, of course, a matter a preference. If you want my suggestion, go
for the sword. For a much more detailed explanation, which explains how
completely obsolete the Esper is (in my opinion), check the FAQ section of
this guide.

Now that you the Ragnarok, head to the house directly north of the Weapon
shop. Inside, head down the stairs and you'll find a man lying in a bed.
Speak with him and he hands over the Cursed Shld. Again, check the FAQ
for more information on this, but all the information you could want
regarding the Cursed Shld can be found in Tze Jo's guide (refer to the
credits section).

When you have these two items, head into the Narshe Mines toward the area
where you faced Kefka in a multi-party battle near the beginning of the
game (and where you found Mog being held captive by Lone Wolf. When you
get here, you'll find the Ice Dragon.



Ice Dragon [Lvl. 74, 24400 HP, 9000 MP]

You should be fairly used to these guys by now. HIt it with your most
powerful atttacks to bring it down. If you need any extra edge against
this dragon (which you really shouldn't, equip items that help against
Ice based attacks.

You will acquire a Force Shld for defeating it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After defeating the dragon, head across the bridge and meet with Tritoch.
You must face it in battle now.



Tritoch [Lvl. 62, 30000 HP, 50000 MP]

For an Esper that's been so troublesome in the story, Tritoch doesn't seem
to want to put up too much of a fight. Use your strongest attacks and it
will be defeated in a few hits.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once you win, Tritoch joins you (who saw that one coming?). A part of the
cliff opens up and you can jump into a cave below. Even though you have no
idea what's down there, your characters, being fictional, jump head long
into the unknown for nothing, save idle curiosity.

The party lands in Umaro's cave. Head to the left opening, but do not
advance too far. If you pay attention to the floor, you can see gaps that
cause your character to fall through to a lower level. Get around the two
gaps blocking this opening by head above them. You'll end up near a chest
which contains a monster-in-a-box battle against three Pugs. Upon defeat,
each one has a chance of leaving behind a Minerva armor, but don't expect
all three. In some cases (all too often, unfortunately, all three don't
drop anything at all). Now, head back to the original room.

Head into the middle hole and you'll see two treasure chests (one of which
contained the Pugs). Take the northern one and head to the southern one.
You'll fall through a pit and end up on a lower level. Get on the wooden
bridge and head to the visible treasure chest.

Now head to the northeast exit (the one you get to by crossing a few
bridges). You'll eventually come to switch in the wall, followed by yet
another bridge, and another switch. Ignore the first switch as it only
sends you back a level and pull the second switch.

You fall through to Umaro's den. Examine the skull head in the middle of
the room to acquire the Terrato Esper. Because of your "theft" Umaro comes
stomping in to fight.



Umaro [Lvl. 33, 17200 HP, 6990 MP]

This is yet another easy battle. Umaro should take no more than two hits
to take down.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you've put Umaro in his place, Mog does it again, though this time
verbally. Because of Mog's silk tongue, you now have Umaro as a new ally.
There's nothing left in Narshe, so head back to the Airship and take off.
Your next destination is Solitary Island.

[ SOLITARY ISLAND ]------------------------------------------------------

Head to the beach where you caught fish for Cid (south of the house). Here
you will find the Palidor Esper lying on the floor. Since there is no one
around to claim ownership, borrow it for awhile. It's not like the seagull
is going to complain to you.

Board the Airship and head to the final sidequest: the Fanatics' Tower.

[ FANATICS' TOWER ]------------------------------------------------------

Items: Safety Bit, Air Anchor, Genji Shld, Stunner, Force Armor, Gem Box

First, here is some general information regarding the tower. It is set up
whereas each section is near identical to the previous. The climb up will
be generally unremarkable. There is one dragon here and one hidden chest.
The rest are plainly obvious. At the top floor, you will find the Gem Box.
If you remove it, and try to leave the tower, you will be attacked by the
boss, MagiMaster.

Most notable of this place is that you cannot use any commands aside from
"Magic" and "Item". There are a few exceptions to this, such as using
Umaro. I've heard you can also cast Berserk on a character, but I usually
just use the Moogle Charm to avoid all battles.

Lastly, if you speak with the bandits on the ground, one will attempt to
sell you information for the not so low price of 100000 GP. It is, though
this should be more than adequately obvious, a rip off. All he tells you
is that there is a castle under the path Figaro Castle takes, and where the
Ragnarok is located. If you are following this walkthrough, you should
have already completed these things so there is no point to paying him
(unless of course you _like_ wasting money for no reason).

Now then, the way up should be very generic. When you come to the first
room, go in and grab the treasure. Stand to the right of the chest and
examine the spot. This will open up a room on the level below you for the
hidden Air Anchor tool for Edgar.

Continue on and you come to another treasure room. Go on some more and you
will find the next treasure room contains not only a chest, but one of the
legendary dragons. Legendary or not, it is going down.



White Drgn [Lvl. 71, 18500 HP, 12000 MP]

Another dragon battle. This one is slightly remarkable due to the fact
that it is in the Fanatics' Tower where regular fighting is banned. Still,
simply use your strongest spells to take it out.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The rest of the tower is unremarkable. At the top, make sure you are
prepared for the MagiMaster before taking the Gem Box. He isn't very hard
at all, but he does take a certain bit of preparation.



MagiMaster [Lvl. 68, 50000 HP, 50000 MP]

During the actual battle, MagiMaster will change elemental weaknesses every
time he is hit by an elemental spell. This can get annoying, especially
considering he continuously pelts the party with his own spells (didn't
expect him to sit there, did you?). Casting Berserk on him nullifies both
problems and makes the battle easy.

Of course, there's a catch. Upon defeat, MagiMaster will use the almighty
and omnipotently powerful Ultima spell. There are four ways and four ways
only to survive this (the latter two I found out about while browsing the
GameFAQs Final Fantasy III Message Board [see credits]):

1. Have enough HPs to survive this.
2. Have casted Life3 (Phoenix Esper) on at least one character.
3. Have removed enough MPs so that MagiMaster cannot cast Ultima.
4. Have at least one character in "Jump" status when Ultima is cast.

The last method works because the character in the air is not effected by
Ultima. Of course, you cannot simply use the "Jump" command normally
because you are in the Fanatics' Tower. Instead, you must make use of the
Palidor Esper, and its Sonic Dive ability which puts all characters in the
"Jump" status. Be absolutely positive that you can kill by the third jump
as you can only normally call an Esper once per battle.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once that is done, leave with your treasures. There's only one place left
to go, the final area of the game, Kefka's Tower. To get inside, you must
"land" your airship "onto" the tower, and you will be prompted to form
three parties. This is _not_ a point of no return, so do not worry about

[ KEFKA'S TOWER ]--------------------------------------------------------

Items: Coronet, Fixed Dice, Minerva, Tack Star, Force Shld, Force Armor,
Ribbon, Red Cap, Nutkin Suit, Gauntlet, Hero Ring, Aegis Shld,
Megalixir, Rainbow Brsh, Tack Star

This is the final dungeon of the game. Following general RPG design rules,
this place is loaded with some of the strongest monsters and bosses in the
game. It is also a treasure house of powerful weapons and armors.

This particular dungeon is much like the Phoenix Cave, in that you have to
use separate teams to navigate to the end of the dungeon. Although, this
time, you have to use three separate parties rather than two. Split up
your characters evenly as best you can and land on the tower. (If you are
interested in Strago's Lore abilities, I suggest you place him in the
first group. This team seems to run into the enemy Dark Force more often
than the others)

With the first team, follow the linear path and grab the chest. The next
area you run into will be a mechanical type room. There's a chest in here
too. Continue along until you hit a dead end room with a visible switch
and chest on the other side inaccessible to this party. Since you are at
a dead end, give the second party a shot.

As the second party, follow the path to a chest. Further in this room,
you come across a fork in the road, one going up, leading to a chest, the
other going down. Take the chest, then continue along. You'll end up in
the Vector prison. In the first cell on the left awaits the newly and
(not quite) "all-powerful" Atma. Defeat it for a save point. Continue
along and you will fall into a new area. The next area contains a choice
between which pipe you want to go into. The right pipe lead back to a
previous area, so choose the left one. Grab the chest, head down the
conveyor belt, and head left for another chest. Go into the left room
which brings you on the other side of the room your first party was in.
Hit the switch (opening the path for the first party) and grab the chest.
Now leave the room and enter the other door. Keep going and you will find
your next boss battle:



Gold Drgn [Lvl. 62, 32400 HP, 4000 MP]

You've been in enough Dragon battles to know the drill. This one is fond
of using Bolt 3, so be prepared for that. Otherwise, there's not much to

With this defeat, there is only one Legendary Dragon left before you get
the fabled Crusader Esper.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just continue along the linear path. You'll eventually come to a dead end
with a switch. Stand on said switch and switch to the third party.

Follow the path and grab the chest. Go into the room directly above that
chest and you'll come across two additional chests. After ransacking them,
go back to the area with the first chest and continue south. Enter the
only door left. Continue along and grab the chest for a Hero Ring. In
here there is a hidden Aegis Shld that is extremely well hidden, and thus
difficult to obtain. Here's a map of where it is:

KEY |=|
_ |=|
|_| Visible tile |=|
_ |=|
|.| Not-visible tile _ |=| _
_ |_|_ _|=|_ _|_|
|s| Stairs |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
_ |_|
|H| Hero Ring (Chest) _ _ _ _|_| _ _ _
_ |=|=|=|=|_| |_|H|_|
|A| Aegis Shld (Chest) |_| |_|_|_|
_ |_| |_|_|_|
|=| Conveyor Belt |_|_ _|_|_|_|
_ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|s|s|
|.|.|.|_| |_|_|_|
|.|.|.|_| |_|_|_|
|.|.|.|.|_ _ |.|.|.|
|.|.|.| |.|.|.|
_ |.|
|.| |.|
|.| |.|
|.| |.|
|.| |.|
|.| |.|_ _ _ _ _ _
|.| |.|.|.|.|.|.|.|
|.|_ _ _|.| |.| _|.|
|.|.|.|.|.| |.| |.|.|
|.| |.| |.| |.| _|.|
|.| |.|.|
|.| |.|
|.| _|.|
|.| _ _ _ |.|.|
_|.| |.|.|.| |.|_ _
|.|.| |.|A|.| |.|.|.|
|.| |.|.|.| |.|
|.| |.|.|.| |.|

After grabbing the Aegis Shld, take the north conveyor belt into a room
with a save point. Further in the room, you'll face a boss battle.



Inferno [Lvl. 67, 30800 HP, 9700 MP]
Striker [Lvl. 67, 11000 HP, 2600 MP]
Rough [Lvl. 69, 8000 HP, 770 MP]

An easy enough battle. Because both Striker and Rough can be regenerated
if destroyed, don't even bother attacking them. Concentrate solely on

It is fond of casting Bolt 3, so watch out. Shrapnel also warrants note,
but all in all, this should be like any other boss battle in the game:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Continue along, and you will come across a chest. Grab it for a Megalixir.
Further down you find an opened chest with a red glowing light, and a door.
Examine the chest, and it will clear debris from an area on the conveyor
belt that is impeding the way of your other party. Go up on the conveyor
belt and grab the chest. Then circle back and head into the only available
door. This will lead to the last and final Legendary Dragon.



Skull Drgn [Lvl. 62, 32800 HP, 1999 MP]

Not much to note. Just a straight-forward battle. Unload with your best
attacks and you'll take it down quickly. Fire spells and Pearl do well as

Aside from the unremarkable battle, you finally get the Crusader Esper.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Continue along the path and you'll find yourself in a familiar dead end.
Step on the switch and take control of the first party.

The path is completely linear. Eventually you'll come across the other two
parties. Just keep going and you'll end up in a room with a switch in the
middle and two more in the northeast and northwest. Go left and the path
will close off. Go down and you'll be on a platform with a weight which is
positioned directly over one of your parties.

Switch to each of the other parties and move them off the switches. Now,
as the first party, push the weight off onto the switch. Then head up,
back into the room and step on the switch. Take control of the party which
just had the weight dropped near them, and proceed into the building. Go
right and drop the weight onto the other switch. Now, take control of the
final party and head into the building. Step on the switch to create a
new door. Head south, and step on the switch there. Now, go back into the
building and step back on the middle switch. Now, take control of the first

Head south to the platform where the weight was dropped from. There will
be another door now. Enter it. Follow the path and you will find a boss
battle against one of the three statues, Doom.



Doom [Lvl. 73, 63000 HP, 4800 MP]

Not too difficult. Mainly uses physical attacks on your party and Ice
based elemental spells. About halfway through the battle, it will also
cast ForceField and RPolarity (switches your front-row to back-row and
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Upon defeat, it will spawn yet another save point. Climb into the pipe and
step on the switch. Switch to the next party.

Again, head south to the room where the weight was dropped. Go into the
new door and follow the path to the next statue boss, Goddess.



Goddess [Lvl. 68, 44000 HP, 19000 MP]

This is a pincer battle, but regardless, it is the most difficult of the
three statue battles. Goddess will often use Love Token, which effectively
make one character guard for her. She will also cast spells like Quasar,
so watch your HP. The key is to kill her quick.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She will also spawn a save point. Continue forward and step on the switch.
Now switch to the final party.

Head north and you meet the (once) invinsible Guardian.



Guardian [Lvl. 67, 60000 HP, 5200 MP]

Though no longer unbeatable, Guardian still has tons of HP. It's not
particularly powerful, though, so just use your best spells and abilities.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When it is defeated, it will leave a save point. Follow the path and you
will meet up with another boss, the last of the three statues, Poltrgeist.



Poltrgeist [Lvl. 67, 58000 HP, 18900 MP]

Yet another boss who uses Shrapnel. It also uses Fire3 quite often. It
seemed to use it every other round. Poltrgeist will also use Flare Star
and WaveCannon as the battle goes on.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Continue on to find a save point and a hole in the floor. Fall into the
hole and step on the switch. All of your characters will now be taken to
a meeting with Kefka, the final boss of the game.

The dialogue in this one meeting is some of the greatest stuff found in
video games. Enjoy it. After that's done, you can select the order of
your characters. This is order they will appear in the final battle.



Face [Lvl. 74, 30000 HP, 10000 MP]
Short Arm [Lvl. 73, 27000 HP, 10000 MP]
Long Arm [Lvl. 73, 33000 HP, 10000 MP]

The final battle starts out with your first four characters against several
unnamed enemies. (The names are those found in MasterZED's Monster Stats
Guide [see credits]) After defeating this first tier, any dead comrades will
be replaced by the next character in line. This will happen after each tier
battle. There are a total of three tiers before you face off against Kefka.

This first tier is remarkablely easy. Shouldn't take many hits to finish
this part off fast.

Tiger [Lvl. 70, 30000 HP, 10000 MP]
Tools [Lvl. 73, 24000 HP, 10000 MP]
Magic [Lvl. 72, 41000 HP, 10000 MP]
Hit [Lvl. 73, 28000 HP, 10000 MP]

Again, not much to note. Finish them off quick to enter the third tier.

Sleep [Lvl. 63, 40000 HP, 10000 MP]
Girl [Lvl. 58, 9999 HP, 10000 MP]

Take out Girl first since she has less HP, and casts Life 2 on Sleep if he
is targetted first. Aside from that, there is not much that needs to be
placed into a "battle strategy" because they, too, are ridiculously easy.

Take note, you can steal a Ragnarok from Girl, and AtmaWeapon from Sleep.
But due to the fact that this is already the point of no return, you
can't much put them to use.

Kefka [Lvl. 71, 62000 HP, 38000 MP]

You can steal a Megalixir off of him. If you don't have one, you should
probably do so. It will come in handy because his first attack is Fallen
One, which reduces all party members to 1 HP (and unblockable to boot). He
has quite a few powerful attacks, such as Goner. Of course, this should be
expected since he is the final boss.

All in all, though, he is rather easy. Just unload everything you have
against him (why not? this is, after all, the final battle).


Congratulations, you have just beat one of the greatest games of all time.
Relax, sit back, and enjoy the spectacular ending.

VI. Esper Listings

RAMUH Lightning-elemental attack BOLT FIST MP Cost: 25
Bolt Learn Rate: x10 Attacks all enemies for
Bolt 2 Learn Rate: x 5 lightning-based damage.
Poison Learn Rate: x 1

At level up... Stamina +1


KIRIN Gradually recovers HP LIFE GUARD MP Cost: 18
Cure Learn Rate: x 5 Casts Regen on all allies.
Cure 2 Learn Rate: x 1
Regen Learn Rate: x 3
Antdot Learn Rate: x 4
Scan Learn Rate: x 5


SIREN Silences enemies HOPE SONG MP Cost: 16
Sleep Learn Rate: x10 Casts Mute on all enemies.
Mute Learn Rate: x 8
Slow Learn Rate: x 7
Fire Learn Rate: x 6

At level up... HP + 10%


STRAY Confuses enemies CAT RAIN MP Cost: 28
Muddle Learn Rate: x 7 Casts Muddle on all
Imp Learn Rate: x 5 enemies.
Float Learn Rate: x 2

At level up... MagPow + 1


IFRIT Fire-elemental attack INFERNO MP Cost: 26
Fire Learn Rate: x10 Attacks all enemies for
Fire 2 Learn Rate: x 5 fire-based damage.
Drain Learn Rate: x 1

At level up... Strengh + 1 (Vigor)


SHIVA Ice-elemental attack GEM DUST MP Cost: 27
Ice Learn Rate: x10 Attacks all enemies for
Ice 2 Learn Rate: x 5 ice-based damage.
Rasp Learn Rate: x 4
Osmose Learn Rate: x 4
Cure Learn Rate: x 3


UNICORN Casts Remedy on the party HEAL HORN MP Cost: 30
Cure 2 Learn Rate: x 4 Removes negative status
Remedy Learn Rate: x 3 effects from all allies.
Dispel Learn Rate: x 2
Safe Learn Rate: x 1
Shell Learn Rate: x 1


MADUIN Non-elemental attack CHAOS WING MP Cost: 44
Fire 2 Learn Rate: x 3 Attacks all enemies.
Ice 2 Learn Rate: x 3
Bolt 2 Learn Rate: x 3

At level up... MagPow + 1


SHOAT Petrifies enemies DEMON EYE MP Cost: 45
Bio Learn Rate: x 8 Causes all enemies to
Break Learn Rate: x 5 become petrified.
Doom Learn Rate: x 2

At level up... HP + 10%


PHANTOM Makes the party invisible FADER MP Cost: 38
Bserk Learn Rate: x 3 Casts Vanish on the entire
Vanish Learn Rate: x 3 party.
Demi Learn Rate: x 5


CARBUNKL Casts Reflect on party RUBY POWER MP Cost: 36
Rflect Learn Rate: x 5 Casts Rflect on the entire
Haste Learn Rate: x 3 party.
Shell Learn Rate: x 2
Safe Learn Rate: x 2
Warp Learn Rate: x 2


BISMARK Water-elemental attack SEA SONG MP Cost: 50
Fire Learn Rate: x20 Attacks all enemies for
Ice Learn Rate: x20 water-elemental damage.
Bolt Learn Rate: x20
Life Learn Rate: x 2

At level up... Strengh + 2 (Vigor)


GOLEM Protects the party EARTH WALL MP Cost: 33
Safe Learn Rate: x 5 Protects the party from
Stop Learn Rate: x 5 damage off all physical
Cure 2 Learn Rate: x 5 attacks equal of the HP of
the caster.
At level up... Stamina + 2


ZONESEEK Casts Shell on party WALL MP Cost: 30
Rasp Learn Rate: x20 Casts Shell on all allies.
Osmose Learn Rate: x15
Shell Learn Rate: x 5

At level up... MagPow + 2


Life Learn Rate: x 5 Restores HPs of the entire
Cure 2 Learn Rate: x 8 party.
Cure Learn Rate: x20
Regen Learn Rate: x10
Remedy Learn Rate: x 4


PALIDOR Party members use a Jump attack SONIC DIVE MP Cost: 61
Haste Learn Rate: x20 Causes all party members
Slow Learn Rate: x20 to Perform "Jump".
Haste2 Learn Rate: x 2
Slow 2 Learn Rate: x 2
Float Learn Rate: x 5


FENRIR Makes multi. images of the party MOON SONG MP Cost: 70
Warp Learn Rate: x10 Casts Image on all allies.
X-Zone Learn Rate: x 5
Stop Learn Rate: x 3

At level up... MP + 30%


TRITOCH Ice/Fire/Lightning 3-way attack TRI-DAZER MP Cost: 68
Fire 3 Learn Rate: x 1 Attacks all enemies for
Ice 3 Learn Rate: x 1 Fire, Ice, and Lightning
Bolt 3 Learn Rate: x 1 based damage.

At level up... MagPow + 2


TERRATO Earth-elemental attack EARTH AURA MP Cost: 40
Quake Learn Rate: x 3 Attacks all enemies for
Quartr Learn Rate: x 1 Earth-based damage.
W Wind Learn Rate: x 1

At level up... HP + 30%


Cure Learn Rate: x 25 Restores HPs of the entire
Cure 2 Learn Rate: x 16 party.
Cure 3 Learn Rate: x 1
Regen Learn Rate: x 20
Remedy Learn Rate: x 20

At level up... Stamina + 2


ALEXANDR Mystic purity attack JUSTICE MP Cost: 90
Pearl Learn Rate: x 2 Attacks all enemies for
Shell Learn Rate: x10 Pearl-based damage.
Safe Learn Rate: x10
Dispel Learn Rate: x10
Remedy Learn Rate: x15


PHOENIX Recovers battle status REBIRTH MP Cost: 110
Life Learn Rate: x10 Revives all "dead" allies.
Life 2 Learn Rate: x 2
Life 3 Learn Rate: x 1
Cure 3 Learn Rate: x 2
Fire 3 Learn Rate: x 3


ODIN Slices through enemies ATOM EDGE MP Cost: 70
Meteor Learn Rate: x 1 Instantly dispatches all
At level up... Speed + 1


BAHAMUT Cuts through magic defenses SUN FLARE MP Cost: 86
Flare Learn Rate: x 2 Attacks all enemies for
non-elemental damage which
At level up... HP + 50% ignores enemy defense.


RAGNAROK Turns enemy into an Item METAMORPH MP Cost: 6
Ultima Learn Rate: x 1 Changes one enemy into an
item. The hit rate, and
what item the enemy turns
distinct for each enemy.


CRUSADER Attack harms you and the enemy PURIFIER MP Cost: 96
Merton Learn Rate: x 1 Deals high non-elemental
Meteor Learn Rate: x10 damage to all characters
on screen.
At level up... MP + 50%


RAIDEN Slices through enemies TRUE EDGE MP Cost: 80
Quick Learn Rate: x 1 Instantly dispatches all
At level up... Strengh + 2 (Vigor)

VII. Spell Listings

Spell: Cure
MP Cost: 5
Effect: Restores HP. Can target one or all allies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Kirin x 5
Shiva x 3
Sraphim x 20
Starlet x 25
Terra at level 1
Celes at level 4

Spell: Cure 2
MP Cost: 25
Effect: Restores HP. Can target one or all allies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Kirin x 1
Unicorn x 4
Golem x 5
Sraphim x 8
Starlet x 16
Terra at level 33

Spell: Cure 3
MP Cost: 40
Effect: Restores HP. Can target one or all allies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Starlet x 1
Phoenix x 2

Spell: Life
MP Cost: 30
Effect: Revives "dead" ally. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Bismark x 2
Sraphim x 5
Phoenix x 10
Terra at level 18

Spell: Life 2
MP Cost: 60
Effect: Revives "dead" ally to full HP. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Phoenix x 2
Terra at level 49

Spell: Antdot
MP Cost: 3
Effect: Removes Poison & Seizure status effects. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Kirin x 4
Terra at level 6
Celes at level 8

Spell: Remedy
MP Cost: 15
Effect: Removes all negative status effects. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Unicorn x 3
Sraphim x 4
Starlet x 20
Alexandr x 15

Spell: Regen
MP Cost: 10
Effect: Inflicts Regen status on ally. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Kirin x 3
Sraphim x 10
Starlet x 20

Spell: Life 3
MP Cost: 50
Effect: Inflicts Reraise status on ally. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Phoenix x 1

Spell: Fire
MP Cost: 4
Effect: Deals Fire-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Siren x 6
Ifrit x 10
Bismark x 20
Terra at level 3

Spell: Ice
MP Cost: 5
Effect: Deals Ice-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Shiva x 10
Bismark x 20
Celes at level 1

Spell: Bolt
MP Cost: 6
Effect: Deals Lightning-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Ramuh x 10
Bismark x 20

Spell: Poison
MP Cost: 3
Effect: Deals Poison-based damage. May inflict Poison status on the
target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Ramuh x 1

Spell: Drain
MP Cost: 15
Effect: Damages target and heals caster by the same amount. If target
is undead, it is healed instead and the caster takes damage.
Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Ifrit x 1
Terra at level 12

Spell: Fire 2
MP Cost: 20
Effect: Deals Fire-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Ifrit x 5
Maduin x 3
Flame Shld x 5
Terra at level 22

Spell: Ice 2
MP Cost: 21
Effect: Deals Ice-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Shiva x 5
Maduin x 3
Ice Shld x 5
Celes at level 26

Spell: Bolt 2
MP Cost: 22
Effect: Deals Lightning-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Ramuh x 5
Maduin x 3
Thunder Shld x 5

Spell: Bio
MP Cost: 26
Effect: Deals Poison-based damage. May inflict Poison status on the
target. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Shoat x 8

Spell: Fire 3
MP Cost: 51
Effect: Deals Fire-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Tritoch x 1
Phoenix x 3
Terra at level 43

Spell: Ice 3
MP Cost: 52
Effect: Deals Ice-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Tritoch x 1

Spell: Bolt 3
MP Cost: 53
Effect: Deals Lightning-based damage. Can target one or all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Tritoch x 1

Spell: Break
MP Cost: 25
Effect: Inflicts the Petrify status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Shoat x 5
Terra at level 68

Spell: Doom
MP Cost: 35
Effect: Instantly dispatches opponent. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Shoat x 2

Spell: Pearl
MP Cost: 40
Effect: Deals Pearl-based damage. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Alexandr x 2
Terra at level 57
Celes at level 72

Spell: Flare
MP Cost: 45
Effect: Deals non-elemental damage. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Bahamut x 2
Celes at level 81

Spell: Demi
MP Cost: 33
Effect: Lowers enemy's HP by 50%. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Phantom x 5

Spell: Quartr
MP Cost: 48
Effect: Lowers all enemies' HP by 25%. Can target only all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Terrato x 1
Terra at level 75

Spell: X-Zone
MP Cost: 53
Effect: Instantly dispatches all enemies. Can target only all enemies.
If opponent is defeated in this manner, they will not drop an
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Fenrir x 5
Cursed Ring x 5

Spell: Meteor
MP Cost: 62
Effect: Deals non-elemental damage. Can target only all enemies.
Acquired: Odin x 1
Crusader x 10
Celes at level 98

Spell: Ultima
MP Cost: 80
Effect: Deals non-elemental damage. Can target only all enemies.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Ragnarok x 1
Paladin Shld x 1
Terra at level 99

Spell: Quake
MP Cost: 62
Effect: Deals non-elemental damage. Can target only all enemies.
Acquired: Terrato x 3

Spell: W Wind
MP Cost: 75
Effect: Lowers all characters' HP to 6.25% of current HP. Can target
only all characters (ally and enemy alike).
Acquired: Terrato x 1

Spell: Merton
MP Cost: 85
Effect: Deals Fire and Wind-based damage. Can target only all
characters (ally and enemy alike).
Acquired: Crusader x 1
Terra at level 86

Spell: Scan
MP Cost: 3
Effect: Reports an enemy's current level, HP, MP and elemental
weaknesses. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Kirin x 5
Celes at level 18

Spell: Slow
MP Cost: 5
Effect: Inflicts the Slow status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Siren x 7
Palidor x 20

Spell: Rasp
MP Cost: 12
Effect: Deals direct damage to MP. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Shiva x 4
Zoneseek x 20

Spell: Mute
MP Cost: 8
Effect: Inflicts the Mute status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Siren x 7

Spell: Safe
MP Cost: 12
Effect: Inflicts the Safe status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Unicorn x 1
Carbunkl x 2
Golem x 5
Alexandr x 10
Celes at level 22

Spell: Sleep
MP Cost: 5
Effect: Inflicts the Sleep status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Siren x 10

Spell: Muddle
MP Cost: 8
Effect: Inflicts the Muddle status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Stray x 7
Celes at level 32

Spell: Haste
MP Cost: 10
Effect: Inflicts the Haste status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Carbunkl x 3
Palidor x 20
Celes at level 32

Spell: Stop
MP Cost: 10
Effect: Inflicts the Stop status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Golem x 5
Fenrir x 3

Spell: Bserk
MP Cost: 16
Effect: Inflicts the Berserk status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Phantom x 3
Celes at level 40

Spell: Float
MP Cost: 17
Effect: Inflicts the Float status on target. Can target one or all
Acquired: Stray x 2
Palidor x 5

Spell: Imp
MP Cost: 10
Effect: Inflicts the Imp status on target. If target is already in
Imp status, this removes it. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Stray x 5
TortoiseShld x 1
Titanium x 1
Imp's Armor x 1
Celes at level 13

Spell: Rflect
MP Cost: 22
Effect: Inflicts the Reflect status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Carbunkl x 5

Spell: Shell
MP Cost: 15
Effect: Inflicts the Shell status on target. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Unicorn x 1
Carbunkl x 2
Zoneseek x 5
Alexandr x 10
Force Shld x 5

Spell: Vanish
MP Cost: 18
Effect: Inflicts the Vanish status on target. If target is already in
Vanish status, this removes it. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Phantom x 3
Celes at level 48

Spell: Haste2
MP Cost: 38
Effect: Inflicts the Haste status on target. Can target one or all
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Palidor x 2
Celes at level 52

Spell: Slow 2
MP Cost: 26
Effect: Inflicts the Slow status on target. Can target one or all
Vunerable: Runic, Reflect
Acquired: Palidor x 2

Spell: Osmose
MP Cost: 1
Effect: Damages MP of target and heals caster's MP by the same amount.
If target is undead, it is healed instead and the caster takes
damage. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Shiva x 4
Zoneseek x 15

Spell: Warp
MP Cost: 20
Effect: Removes party from battle. If used outside of battle, the
party is taken to the entrance of the dungeon.
Acquired: Carbunkl x 2
Fenrir x 10
Terra at level 26

Spell: Quick
MP Cost: 99
Effect: Caster receives two turns instantly without other characters
getting a chance to perform an action.
Acquired: Raiden x 1

Spell: Dispel
MP Cost: 25
Effect: Removes all positive status effects. Can target only one.
Vunerable: Runic
Acquired: Unicorn x 2
Alexandr x 10
Terra at level 37

VII. Frequently Asked Questions

This section is meant to answer the most frequently asked questions about
Final Fantasy VI (which happens to be a lot). Because there are so many,
here is a list of the questions simple for ease of navigating.

What level should I be at for ---?
I'm told I should wait until later in the game to level up? Why?
So what stats should I increase?
How many endings are there altogether?
Where is the best place to level up?
What is the best place to gain Magic Points?
What is the best place to gain GP?
Is there any reason to save Cid?
Where are all of the eight Dragons and what is their purpose?
I got attacked by this monster on the Airship. What is it?
How do I beat Chupon at the Colosseum?
Which should I get, the Ragnarok sword or esper?
What is Vanish/Doom?
How do I unequip Espers?
What is the difference between Odin and Raiden?
Why are there empty slots in my Esper menu? I thought I got them all.
What is the bug regarding Blind/Evade/MEvade?
What do each of the stats do?
I went to get the Water Rondo dance and lost my Airship. Where is it?

Who is the main character in this game?
How do I perform Desperation Attacks?
How would I go about seeing a Desperation Attack?
Who are the hidden characters and how can I get them?
What are Gau's best Rages?
Can I still get Mog if I got the Gold Hairpin from Lone Wolf?
Why can't I get Shadow in the World of Ruin?
How many dreams does Shadow have and how I do see them?
What's Shadow's relation to Relm? Brother or Father?
Is Shadow a girl?
What is "Psycho" Cyan?
If I name Cyan "Leo" does he start with four SwdTechs?
How do I perform Blitz with Sabin?
What is Relm's Sketch Bug?
Who is Gogo?

Can I uncurse the Cursed Ring?
How do I uncurse the Cursed Shld?
Why isn't there a Masamune in this game?
Can I get more than one Offering/Gem Box?
What determines the damage Atma Weapon does, and its length?
Can I steal an Atma Weapon (sword) from AtmaWeapon (monster)?
Why can't I steal a Ragnorak from Doom?
Is there a Gamma Sword?
I am missing two relics. Where are they?

Can I revive General Leo?
Can I delete save files?
What is the difference between Final Fantasy III and VI?

* * * * * * * * *

Q: What level should I be at for ---?

A: It does not matter. There are people who can beat this game by
purposely avoiding every possible battle. So as long as you can reach
a certain point in the game, you can get past it.

Just for reference, there are some who have beaten the game completely
(i.e. all side-quests completed with all characters), when their
characters' average level was 7.

In SharkESP's words (paraphrased from his Low-Level FAQ):

You will never have to stop and gain a level in order to continue.
Failure to continue is a preperation problem, not a level problem.

For more information, you can reference two different Low-Level
Walkthroughs, one written by SharkESP and the other by Robert Page
and Jay Yamamoto. Both can be readily found at


Q: I'm told I should wait until later in the game to level up? Why?

Because that way your characters will be stronger. Normally, when a
character levels up, only their level, HP and MP increase. None of
their other stats increase. To make these stats permanently increase,
a character has to have an Esper with a certain bonus (e.g. Zoneseek
grants +2 Magic) equipped at the time of level up. Since you cannot
digress in levels, and the stronger bonuses are naturally found later
in the game, than earlier, it is more useful for a charcter to level up
later in the game. Every level you earn before you have the more
lucrative Espers is essentially a level (and potential stats) wasted.

Of course, not all Espers give the same bonuses or in the same
quantities. Some do not offer stat bonuses at all. Here is a chart
detailing Esper bonuses:

HP Siren +10% The values of the bonuses are rather
Shoat +10% straight-forward. If a character has
Terrato +30% Bismark equipped, and levels up, they
Bahamut +50% gain +2 to Vigor.
MP Fenris +30%
Crusader +50% HP and MP are slightly less obvious
Vigor Ifrit +1 though. At any given level, a
Bismark +2 character receives a set amount of HP
Raiden +2 and MP. For example, at level 55, a
Magic Stray +1 character (regardless of who) will
Maduin +1 gain 136 HP and 12 MP.
Zoneseek +2
Tritoch +2 When a character levels up with a
Speed Odin +1 HP/MP increasing Esper, it is this
Stamina Ramuh +1 added value that gets the percentage
Golem +2 increase.
Starlet +2

So, if a character levels up at level 55 with Bahamut equipped, he
would get an increase of 204 HP because 50 percent of 136 is 68, and
136 + 68 = 204.

For more information in regards to HP and MP gains at level up, refer
to MasterZED's HP/MP Level/Max Gain List found at his website:

Take note, Odin is the only source of a speed increase. For this
reason, many people tend to wait until later in the game to change
Odin into Raiden (and subsequently receiving the Quick spell a lot
later in the game).


Q: So what stats should I increase?

A: That depends entirely on your playing style. Of course, there are a
few pointers you should keep in mind.

HP and MP should not be a priority to increase. At level 99, all the
characters will be in the vicinity of 9700-9900 HP. Likewise, all the
characters will have somewhere around 960-970 MP. Additionally, any
MP character hogs should be equipped with an Economizer anyway, making
an abundance of MP useless. The only reason to increase either HP or
MP is if you are insistant on having 9999 HP and 999 MP.

If that is the case, you should only bother leveling up with Bahamut
for a boost for three or four levels around level 70 (which is the
greatest HP gains). Additionally, you should only bother leveling up
with the Crusader Esper for a few levels around level 49 (which is the
greatest MP gains).

It is pointless to pump up both Vigor and Magic, as you won't be able
to do enough for both to make it worthwhile. For each character, pick
one or the other, not both. Since damage is highly dependant on level,
you shouldn't need to raise either much at all to do substantially high

After that, the rest of the levels should be used toward gaining high
Speed, which is the all-purpose answer to all, in the world of stats.

Stamina should be avoided at all costs. Because of its relative lack
of use, it is never "profitable" to gain Stamina over any other stat.


Q: How many endings are there altogether?

A: One. There is only one ending to this game. The ending will show
the characters fleeing Kefka's Tower, and go through an individual
scene for each character (although some characters are combined into
one scene such as Edgar and Sabin or Locke and Celes).

However, depending on which characters you choose to recruit and which
characters you choose to ignore, then there are slight *variations* to
some of the scenes. If you did not recruit a character, instead of
showing their scene, it will show the menu screen portrait of the
character, and in the background will be the place you are supposed
to acquire them.


Q: Where is the best place to level up?

A: In the World of Balance, the Floating Continent is the best place. In
the World of Ruin, it is a forest on the World Map that is just north
of the Veldt and west of Narshe.

It is easily identifiable as it is shaped like a dinosaur's head.
Interestingly enough, the monsters in this forest are dinosaurs. A
single Tyranosaur is worth 8800 Exp. Often, they appear in groups of
two (pincer attack against you), so the battle is worth 17600 Exp.
Rarely, you will encounter the elusive Brachosaur here, which is worth
14396 Exp. These number are *without* the use of the Exp. Egg.

Be careful though, as not only are the Tyranosaur's mildly dangerous,
but the Brachosaur is capable of casting Ultima (and are not at all shy
about doing so).

The grass areas around the dinosaur forest are also useful for gaining
experience. You fight groups of enemies altogether worth about as much
as the dinosaurs in the forest, and they are considerably easier to
defeat at a lower level.


Q: What is the best place to gain Magic Points?

A: In the World of Balance, Triangle Island is best. You can find the
Intangir here. In the World of Balance, go to the desert just south of
Maranda. Here you can face the Cactrot, worth 10 MP, or the Hoover,
worth 5 MP.


Q: What is the best place to gain GP?

A: This is also the desert south of Maranda. Both Hoovers and Cactrots
are worth 10000 GP each.


Q: Is there any reason to save Cid?

A: Not really. If you let him die, then Celes will attempt to commit
suicide by jumping off a cliff. She will recover, find a note left by
Cid, then board his raft and leave the island. If Cid lives, he will
simply show Celes the raft and she leaves. The only difference
between whether Cid lives or dies is that you either see the suicide
scene if he dies, or he will continue to walk around in that shack for
the rest of the game if he lives.


Q: Where are all of the eight Dragons and what is their purpose?

A: The eight Legendary Dragons were released when Kefka gained power and
left the world in ruins. If you defeat all eight of them, you acquire
the Crusader Esper, which is the only way to learn the Merton spell.

They are all found in the World of Ruin (obviously) and are located:
Chest in Mt. Zozo - Storm Drgn
Ancient Castle - Blue Drgn
Opera House Stage - Dirt Drgn
Phoenix Cave - Red Dragon
Snowfields of Narshe - Ice Dragon
Fanatics' Tower - White Drgn
Kefka's Tower - Gold Drgn
- Skull Drgn


Q: I got attacked by this monster on the Airship. What is it?

A: That would be Doom Gaze. Another monster released because of Kefka's
mad use of power. It will randomly attack your party as you are flying
the Falcon airship around. During battle, it will sometimes run away.
The next time you encounter it, it will not have recovered any HP, so
simply keep fighting it until it is dead.

Upon defeat, you are rewarded with the Bahamut Esper. Just be sure to
_not_ use X-Zone. If you defeat Doom Gaze through the use of X-Zone,
you will not receive the Bahamut Esper, which is not good.


Q: How do I beat Chupon at the Colosseum?

A: Some prefer to use the Genji Glove plus Offering combo (usually paired
with the Atma Weapon and Illumina) to defeat Chupon. This works fine,
but I just stick the Stunner weapon on Shadow. If he attacks he has a
chance of inflicting Stop on Chupon. Should this happen, Chupon is as
good as beaten.


Q: Which should I get, the Ragnarok sword or esper?

A: This is up to playing style. Either is a good choice, but for the most
part, I personally always choose the sword. This is because the way I
play the game makes the Esper entirely obsolete.

The sword can be traded for an even more powerful weapon, the Illumina.
Here are some of its base statistics:

Bat.Pow: 255 On top of those bonuses, it also uses MP to always
Vigor: +7 cause a critical hit (until you run out of MP, of
Speed: +7 course). It randomly casts the Pearl spell at no
Stamina: +7 MP cost. On top of that, it never misses, and can
Mag.Pow: +7 be used from the back row as effectively as it could
Evade %: 50% be used in the front row.
MEvade%: 50%

Though the Evade bonus is useless (read further down for information on
the Evade/MEvade bug), this is moot because it features 50% MEvade.
This allows one more character to acquire 128% MEvade, which makes a
_huge_ difference. And this is on top of being easily one of the most
powerful weapons in the game (if not the most powerful).

The Esper serves two purposes. For one, it teaches the most powerful
spell in the game, Ultima, at a rate of one. Aside from that, casting
the Esper in battle prompts the Metamorph ability, that can change a
monster into an item.

The ability to acquire Ultima is essentially a moot point because that
can be achieved through the use of the Paladin Shld. I also find the
Metamorph ability to be useless, as there are only a handful of useful
items it can produce, all of which can be acquired through other means.

The few useful items produced by Metamorph include: Genji Glove, Genji
Shld, Marvel Shoes, and Ribbon. I tend to load up on enough Genji
Gloves for everyone while on the Floating Continent. Dragons have them
to steal from. The Genji Shld can be acquired by betting a Thunder
Shld, which can be stolen from Steroidites in Kefka's Tower. Marvel
Shoes can also be acquired easily from the Colosseum. The Ribbon can
be found in several chests, as well as being stolen from Brachosaurs.

The elusive Cursed Ring (which can only be acquired by Metamorphing),
can be obtained without the Ragnarok Esper by using either Setzer's
slots to call Ragnarok or the Magicite item. It is recommended that
you use Setzer's slots instead of the Magicite, because when Gogo
mimics slots, he will mimic the same Esper, whereas mimicing the
item will have him mimic the use of Magicite, rather than the Esper
summoned by the Magicite.

All in all, it is up to your style of playing. Either is a fine
choice, but I find the sword to be infinitely more useful.


Q: What is Vanish/Doom?

A: Vanish and Doom are both spells in the game. Vanish causes the target
to become invisible (not invincible). In this state, physical attacks
are dodged, but all magic attacks will hit. Doom is an instant death
spell. The technique goes: cast Vanish on an enemy, then Doom. Used
together, the enemy cannot evade the Doom spell, resulting in a very
easy kill.

What's more, this works on many bosses in the game. If that wasn't
enough, it also works against monsters that are naturally immune to
instant death. This is probably due to a glitch in the Vanish state.
This makes the Vanish/Doom technique a decidedly cheap strategy (and
the term strategy is being used loosely here).


Q: How do I unequip Espers?

A: Select an empty spot on the Esper menu to unequip an Esper.


Q: What is the difference between Odin and Raiden?

A: Well, between the two Espers, Odin teaches the Meteor spell at a rate
of one, whereas Raiden teaches the Quick spell (only method possible to
acquire the spell) at a rate of one. Additionally, upon level up, Odin
grants Speed +1 (the only level-up speed bonus in the game), whereas
Raiden grants the Strength (Vigor) +2.

Between the two summon attacks, Raiden's True Edge has a better chance
of succeeding than Odin's Atom Edge.


Q: Why are there empty slots in my Esper menu? I thought I got them all.

A: Because there are only 27 total Espers, and the listings are divided
into two columns, there will always be at least one empty slot. This
is also there so a character can unequip an Esper by selecting the
empty slot.

Additionally, you will always have at least one other empty slot
because you can have either Odin or Raiden, never both at any given
time. Lastly, if you chose the Ragnarok sword, you obviously do not
have the Ragnarok Esper, which is one more empty slot.

So if you chose the Ragnarok sword, you should have only three empty
slots. If you chose the Ragnarok Esper, you should only have two empty
slots in the Esper menu.


Q: What is the bug regarding Blind/Evade/MEvade?

A: For some reason or another (most likely sheer oversight or a simple
mistake in the game's internal programming), the Evade statistic has
absolutely no use whatsoever. It is _supposed_ to figure into dodging
physical attacks. However, it does not at all.

Coincidently enough, MEvade (which is supposed to only effect the
dodging of magic-based attacks) effects _both_ physical attacks and
magical attacks. This makes the MEvade statistic near godly, in terms
of importance. If a character has at least 128% MEvade, they will
automatically dodge every single attack that can be dodged, making them
extremely difficult to kill.

Because MEvade affects both physical and magical attacks, it seems more
likely that the bug was due to a careless programming error rather than
oversight. Had it been the latter, it should only effect Evade and not
MEvade as well.

An additional side effect to this bug lies in the Blind status. Blind
has absolutely no relation to being able to hit a enemy or not. Terii
Senshi's Algorithms FAQ keenly points out that the only effect of of
Blind is that it prevents Strago from learning any Lores. So unless
you are just loathe to see your characters wearing sunglasses, don't
make any effort to heal the status.

Because of this, certain relics, namely the Goggles and Beads, are
entirely useless. Additionally, the Zephyr Cape is much less useful
than White Cape.


Q: What do each of the stats do?

A: HP is essentially life. MP is the amount of magic points (used for the
casting of spells). Level is, defined very loosely, a relative gauge
of overall power.

Vigor is essentially strength. It directly affects physical attacks.
Most of the others should be adequately self-explanatory, such as Speed
determines how fast a character is, and Magic determines magical

Stamina is a bit useless, as it only affects minor things. It aids in
the blocking of instant-death attacks, as well as gradual HP effects
(e.g. the Regen and Poison status effects).

For information on Evade and MEvade, refer to the above question.
For more detailed and exact information in regards to statistics, check
Terii Senshi's Algorithms FAQ.


Q: I went to get the Water Rondo dance and lost my Airship. Where is it?

A: Right where you left it. It didn't move, you did. To get Water Rondo,
you must jump into one of the Rivers of the World of Balance, and each
one will take you to a different place.

If you jumped off of the Barren Falls, you will end up on the Veldt.
Head to Cresent Mountain and jump into the water. In the underwater
path, take two lefts. You will end up in Nikeah. Here, grab a chocobo
(or walk, if you prefer) and you can make your way across land back to
Barren Falls where your Airship is waiting.

If you jumped off Crescent Mountain, again, take two lefts, and arrive
in Nikeah. Head over land to Barren Falls and you will arrive near
the Airship.

If you jumped off the Returner's Hideout into the Lete River, you will
end up walking through all the above listed steps to Nikeah. Board
the boat and you will arrive in South Figaro. Head through Mt. Kolts
and toward the Returner's Hideout, and your Airship.


Q: Who is the main character in this game?

A: There isn't one. This is evident by how the game is designed in which
you do not follow the viewpoint of a central focal character.

However, there are characters of varying importance, and in this realm,
Terra trumps all. She is integral to the overall story plot and in the
greater scheme of things, is the central axis the story pivots around.
Even if you go out of your way to avoid recruiting her in the World of
Ruin, she still flies to Kefka's Tower at the end to be part of the

Though, many people may use this as an argument to her being the main
character, this is invalid. Again, there is no character that the
game uses as a looking glass for the gamer, so to speak. This is an
RPG, a role-playing game, yet there is no role the player is supposed
to take. There's just the story that unfolds.

Others will argue that Celes is as important as Terra. This is based,
primarily because she starts the World of Ruin. Of course, they fail
to realize that this is because she is the only one it could have
started with.

At the end of the World of Balance, she has absolutely no connections.
Everyone else has a purpose they are filling. Terra has found her home
with the Mobliz kids. Locke is looking for the Phoenix Esper. Edgar
is trying to take control of Figaro. Setzer is getting drunk near
Darill's tomb (as morbid as that might be). Shadow's getting beaten
up by a Behemoth. Strago has been cult-mind-controlled. Relm is at
Jidoor painting. Cyan is writing love letters. Gau and Mog are...
well, Gau and Mog, they don't matter. Celes is the only one who could
be so perfectly suited for the task of roudning everyone up. The only
other character that had no goal (at the moment) was Sabin, and his
story role is bare minimal, at best.

Others argue that Locke is the most important. This is possibly the
single most ridiculous argument yet, because it has no base. Locke is
_not_ integral to the story. His personal battle centers around his
past with Rachel, not the overall battle they are all fighting. In
that respect, characters like Strago are more important to the story.
At least Strago is a mage warrior from Thamasa, whereas Locke has no
connection to the overall story other than he wants to fight the good

And should you find someone who is arguing that Locke (or Edgar for
that matter) is the most important character, you'll find they have
no valid reasoning (because there *is* no valid argument). You will
also find that they base this reasoning on the fact that Locke (Edgar)
is a guy so they *have* to be the main character. Regardless of
whether they say it out loud or not, you can tell it is what they are
thinking. And anyone with half a brain can figure out how ridiculous
that "argument" is.


Q: How do I perform Desperation Attacks?

A: When your character has less than one-eighth of their max HP, said
character has a one-in-sixteen chance of randomly performing their
Desperation Attack when you choose the "Fight" command.

Each character has their own personal Desperation Attack, which, in
most instances, are named with their personality in mind (e.g. Edgar's
is called Royal Shock). Obviously, because neither have access to a
"Fight" command, both Gau and Umaro are incapable of performing a
Desperation Attack.

According to Terii Senshi's Algorithms FAQ, a character cannot perform
a Desperation Attack if inflicted with the following status effects:
Zombie, Confuse, Image, or Vanish. Additionally, they will never
perform a Desperation Attack in the first 12.8 seconds of battle, and
are limited to one Desperation Attack per battle.

Don't expect to see these often. They are rare enough that you can
go through the entire game without ever seeing one (or knowing they
existed at all, for that matter). Of course, if you are _trying_ to
see one, it is relatively easy to accomplish.


Q: How would I go about seeing a Desperation Attack?

A: A simple method is to go to the Colosseum in the World of Ruin. Bet
a Rename Card and you will face the Doom Drgn. The Doom Drgn is able
to cast "Fallen One" which automatically reduces a character's HP to
1. Hopefully, you will see it.

If you are still having trouble, equip the character with 128% MEvade.
Fallen One is unblockable, so the 128% MEvade will not affect it.
However, this will prolong the battle (which means more of a chance to
witness the Desperation Attack) because the Doom Drgn will be hard
pressed to kill your character off.


Q: Who are the hidden characters and how can I get them?

A: The term "hidden character" is open to interpretation on this game,
considering for the second half of the game, you only need a total of
three people to finish it. Everyone else can be considered hidden.

In the World of Balance, the only character that does not join you
automatically as you advance the story is Mog. To get him, upon your
return to Narshe, check the treasure-filled house to the very right
of town. You'll find Lone Wolf has taken the treasure out of the
sealed treasure chest. Chase him into the Narshe Mines, and up to
the area where Tritoch is frozen. Here, you'll find the Lone Wolf has
Mog held at knife-point. He tells you to not come any closer. On
taking his advice, simply stand there and do nothing. After a few
seconds, Mog will muster up some courage and try to free himself from
Lone Wolf. Their struggle knocks both of them off the cliff, each
landing on opposing sides.

If you choose to help Mog, he will join your party for the duration of
the World of Balance. In doing so, you do not have enough time to save
Lone Wolf, and you cannot acquire his Gold Hairpin (though, in the
World of Ruin, you can get many more, as well as many Economizers which
are better in every way).

In the World of Ruin, like stated previously, you only have to have
three people accessable to complete the game. You start off the World
of Ruin playing as Celes. To attack Kefka's Tower you need an Airship,
so recruiting Setzer is neccessary. Likewise, to even get on the same
Continent as Setzer, you must use Figaro Castle, which requires having
Edgar available. Everyone else is completely irrelevent (except Terra,
who will appear at the end, regardless of whether you want her to or
not). Here's a brief listing of where each character is:

Terra - Mobliz
Locke - Phoenix Cave (requires Airship)
Sabin - Tzen
Cyan - Mt. Zozo
Gau - Veldt
Shadow - Cave in the Veldt, then Colosseum
Strago - Fanatics' Tower
Relm - Jidoor (if Shadow is killed, she will be in the Cave first)
Mog - Narshe Moogle Caves
Umaro - Narshe Caves beyond Tritoch
Gogo - Triangle Island

For more information on how to actually recruit them, refer to the
walkthrough above.


Q: What are Gau's best Rages?

A: Early in the game, Guard (Critical), Hazer (Bolt 2), and Templar (Fire
2) are very useful. Stray Cat (Catscratch) is a very useful Rage, and
remains so throughout the rest of the game. In fact, many people get
this Rage, and never stop using it.

A little bit later, Marshal (Wind Slash) becomes very useful.

Late in the game, Retainer (Shock), Magic Urn (Cure 3, makes Gau immune
to many attacks), SrBehemoth (Fire 3), Punisher (Bolt 3), and Woolly
(Ice 3) come in handy.


Q: Can I still get Mog if I got the Gold Hairpin from Lone Wolf?

A: You can still get him in the World of Ruin. The choice you make in the
World of Balance does not effect this. However, if you choose the Gold
Hairpin, you can not have Mog at all in the World of Balance.

Take note that you can only acquire the Water Rondo dance in the World
of Balance, because there is absolutely no accessable water terrain in
the World of Ruin. So if you are a completionist, choose Mog.


Q: Why can't I get Shadow in the World of Ruin?

A: Because you killed him off. At the end of the World of Balance, when
there is a counter ticking off the seconds until the Floating Continent
blows up, and you need to jump off towards the Airship, you have to
wait until the counter is down to 0:05.

If you do, a sequence will automatically happen in which Shadow shows
up, and jumps to the Airship with the rest of your party.

If you do not, Shadow is left behind on the Floating Continent, with no
ride off. So he dies, and you never see him again.


Q: How many dreams does Shadow have and how I do see them?

A: Shadow has a total of five dreams. Four you can seen by sleeping at an
Inn with Shadow in your party. It doesn't matter what Inn, and I
personally saw them all at once, resting at Kohlingen's Inn several
times after hiring him.

The fifth and last dream is automatic upon finding him in the Cave in
the Veldt. If you left Shadow to die at the end of the World of
Balance, you will instead find Relm in Shadow's place in the Cave in
the Veldt. Likewise, she will have the same dream, only from her

So, in actuality, there are a total of six dreams: the four seen by
sleeping at an Inn with Shadow in your party, one upon saving Shadow in
the Cave in the Veldt, and the last upon saving Relm in the Cave in the
Veldt. Of course, you can only see five per game, as you can't see the
last dream from both perspectives in one play-through.

Contrary to what rumors will say, there are *not* seven dreams. Nor do
the dreams have *any* impact on the ending of the game whatsoever.
Regardless of seeing all the dreams, Shadow will still stay behind in
the crumbling tower telling Interceptor to go on ahead without. It
seems this is his redemption act for the guilt he has over leaving
Baram behind.

The dreams are basically a looking glass into Shadow's past. Before he
became a cold-blooded, emotion-dead, ninja/assassin/mercenary, he was
a thief named Clyde working with his friend Baram. Their greatest feat
was the theft of 1,000,000 GP from a train.

Apparently, Clyde and Baram are chased by the authorities and Baram is
hurt in the process. Clyde is forced to leave Baram behind (a choice
that grievously upsets him). He eventually finds his way to Thamasa,
were a woman nurses him back to help. Like all predictable stories,
the two fall in love and have a baby girl. It's plainly obvious that
this girl is none other than Relm.

Possibly because he was an outlaw, or because he knew he would not make
a good father, he leaves Thamasa in the interest of Relm. Interceptor
decides to follow him, and that's how Clyde came to be Shadow.

This, of course, explains why Interceptor is nice to Relm, and no one
else. It also explains Shadow's hesitation towards Thamasa.


Q: What's Shadow's relation to Relm? Brother or Father?

A: If you bothered to read the above answer, or bothered to actually see
the dreams yourself, this should be more than adequantly obvious.

This particular misconception comes from the description on the Memento
Ring, which states: "Departed mom's love protects against fatal magic
attacks". Obviously, the keyword there is "mom" and considering Shadow
can equip it, this throws people off.

Of course, it should be more than reasonably deducible that this is
written in Relm's perspective. It is _her_ departed mom's love.

To make a long answer short, Shadow is Relm's _father_.


Q: Is Shadow a girl?

A: Again, if you bothered reading either of the above answers, or bothered
to actually see the dreams yourself, you'd know how ridiculous this
question is.

It stems from the dialogue when Shadow is found in the Cave in the
Veldt. The party members use a female pronoun during the conversation.

The reason for this is because Relm can also be found in the same
situation. Whether the programmers just didn't want to make a new
dialogue for each character, or it was a minor oversight, it doesn't
matter. The female pronoun was meant for Relm, not Shadow.


Q: What is "Psycho" Cyan?

A: Generally speaking, it is a glitch that allows Cyan to continuously
attack the enemies, uninterupted, until they are all dead. To do this,
have Cyan use the Retort ability (SwdTech 2). Then cast Imp on him.
Use an attack that kills him in one hit or several magic attacks (the
important thing is to kill him without triggering Retort). Now revive
him and use the "Fight" command with anyone. At this point, the still
Imp'ed Cyan will simply continue to attack until all enemies are dead.

The technical information can be found on Terii Senshi's website

This bug is actually two bugs in one. The first bug is that after Cyan
has died in battle and then been revived, he will use Retort against
any attacks, not just attacks that hit him. He'll even counter with
Retort if he himself attacks.

The second bug is that if Cyan uses Retort and then turns into an Imp
and someone hits him, he'll counter with a standard attack instead of
Retort. Since he didn't use Retort, his Retort "status" will stay, and
every time he's hit with an attack he'll counter by attacking.

Combine these two bugs and you have Cyan constantly countering his own


Q: If I name Cyan "Leo" does he start with four SwdTechs?

A: No. Changing Cyan's name does nothing to the game. To have him start
with 4 SwdTechs when you acquire Cyan, your party's average level has
to be 15 or higher.


Q: How do I perform Blitz with Sabin?

A: Many people face this problem (and subsequently get stuck in the game
because they cannot defeat Vargas) because they do not know _when_ to
enter the Blitz command in. It would seem that the majority of the
people seem to try entering in the commands when Sabin shines, which is
already way too late.

To correctly perform a Blitz, as soon as Sabin's in-battle menu screen
shows up, select Blitz and press the action button. A cursor should
appear pointing at Sabin. Enter the command now. When done, hit the
action button again.

That's all there is to it. Nothing fancy or special or glitched about


Q: What is Relm's Sketch Bug?

A: Generally, Relm's ability Sketch is highly glitched. Using it can
cause various effects to your game, ranging from swapping characters
into your party, freezing the game, or in very rare instances, deleting
all save files.

However, often people exploit this bug to glitch the game into filling
their inventory to the brim with items. I've heard cases where people
have reported having 70 Illuminas and 50 Paladin Shlds, and the like.

To produce this effect of the bug, you can either Leap Gau off in the
Veldt, and when he returns, Sketch him before he has a chance to rejoin
the group or Sketch the invisible Intangir.

I personally stay away from this bug, not only because it can cause
problems, but because it really isn't neccessary to have 300 Atma
Weapons. But if you want, use at your own risk.

Additionally, the "Version 1.1" ROM is apparently immune to this, as is
the PSX Anthology re-release of the game.


Q: Who is Gogo?

A: Because of the mysterious nature of Gogo, many people have taken to
conjuring up one speculatory "theory" after another. One of the oldest
and most popular theory is that of Gogo being Darill, Setzer's lost
love. People argue in favor of this because Darill crashed on a
distant land (which people apparently take to mean Triangle Island).
That isn't really so terrible an argument considering how relatively
close Triangle Island is to Darill's tomb. Of course, this theory has
two particularly major flaws. The first being that Setzer and Gogo
share absolutely no recognition towards each other. The second is that
Darill is dead, which would make it difficult for her to be Gogo.

The more recent (and even more popular) theory is that Gogo is Adlai
Stevenson, a long deceased politician. Before you burst out laughing,
read this piece (from a post on the GameFAQs Final Fantasy III Message
Board [I do not know who originally posted this information, though]):

I have tried, over the months, to convince you people to stop arguing
over who gogo is accept the fact that he is Adlai Stevenson, former
governor of Illinois and failed Democratic presidential candidate in
1952 and 1956.

Here is ALL the proof, and if you need more, you're sick.

Quote #1
I am always amazed by the resistance offered to progress, even the most
inocous progress. Imagine, if you will, jumping from one rickety bridge
to another, with blind men running back and forth trying to push you
off, and you will have some idea what legislating progress is like. The
good news is that if you're pushed off, you can always climb back up
and try again.
- from his book ''What I Think''

Quote #2
I suppose I could wear a hat, but them my teeth would fall out to spite
me. I could get false ones, but doubtless then I would get fat just to
prove my teeth work. The easiest course is to drape my whole body in
robes and shawls and hope no one recognizes my eyes.
- Commenting about his baldness to an NBC reporter in 1952

Quote #3
President Eisenhower continues to amaze me. He appears to be an
ungainly and graceless man, but when [senator Robert] Taft makes a
move, no matter how ridiculous, Eisenhower copies it with the skill of
[French mime] Marcel Merceau. I haven't achieved such levels of mimicry
with my own party, but I'm working on it.
- 1952 interview

Quote #4
The legislature is a frightening thing. To this day the state capitol
building seems to me a beast ready to swallow me up; the very walls and
cielings seem to crush you as you walk through it.
- from his book ''Friends and Enemies''

Quote #5
Today we are plunged into a battle that is familiar to us. the enemies
and the problems are the same. But the terrain is different. The world
around us has changed and shifted so much we no longer recognize it.
- Giving a speech at Charlottesville, 1960

Experience Egg
Stevenson's ex-wife once wrote a book about him called The Egghead and
I. In 1952, one of his campaign slogans was "Stevenson - The
Experienced Candidate."

When you first meet Gogo, he says "I have been idle for too long."
Possibly referring to the fact that Stevenson had been dead for 30
years when Final Fantasy VI came out.

A number of years ago a bill was passed regarding the transfer of funds
among government-owned, government-operated (GOGO) laboratories. What
was the name of this bill? The STEVENSON-Wydler Act, of course.

This is, of course, inaccurate considering Quotes 1, 4 and 5 as well as
the Exp. Egg arguments are all based on Final Fantasy VI relations, and
the Gogo character first appeared in Final Fantasy V (you "fight" him
to obtain the Mime job class). But in all fairness the parallels
between Gogo and Adlai Stevenson are entirely _too_ coincidental.

There is also an argument (though less popular than the other two) that
Gogo is Gilgamesh (castoff lackey of Ex-Death in FFV, semi-Guardian
Force in FFVIII, and low-ranked Treasure Hunter in FFIX). Of course,
this too, is a flawed theory due to the fact that Gogo and Gilgamesh
appeared in the same game, and were not the same people.

To be quite frank, Gogo is Gogo. A character who has the Mime ability.
That's all. There is not enough in-game information to produce more
than purely speculatory would-be "identities".


Q: Can I uncurse the Cursed Ring?

A: Nope. The only item in the game you can uncurse is the Cursed Shld.
There is also no such thing as a Paladin Ring which you get from
uncursing the Cursed Ring, not only because it doesn't exist but
because, again you cannot uncurse the Cursed Ring.


Q: How do I uncurse the Cursed Shld?

A: Fight 256 battles with it equipped on a character. More information
can be found in Tze Jo's Micro FAQ, which can also be found on GameFAQs


Q: Why isn't there a Masamune in this game?

A: There is, just not under the name "Masamune". For one reason or
another, it was translated to "Aura". Here's the evidence:


Attention should be directed to the sword icon in the middle-right area
of the screenshot. The four following Japanese katakana characters
written in Romanji are: Ma, Sa, Mu, Ne. So this is the Masamune.

Notice how the Battle Power of the weapon is 162, exactly the same as
the Aura [katana]. So, long story short, the Aura is the Masamune.

Which is highly disappointing to most Final Fantasy fans. Usually, the
Masamune is one of the most powerful weapons, if not the most powerful.
In this game, it is pitifully weak.


Q: Can I get more than one Offering/Gem Box?

A: No. There is only one offering in the game, acquired after defeating
KatanaSoul, a monster-in-a-box, inside the Ancient Castle. Likewise,
there is only one Gem Box, which is found at the very top of the
Fanatics' Tower.

For some reason or another, people get the misconception enemies can
be morphed into these items. I don't know what source they get this
information from, but it is totally false.


Q: What determines the damage Atma Weapon does, and its length?

A: According to Terii Senshi's Algorithms FAQ, the damage dealt by the
Atma Weapon is dependant on the same factors that effect other weapons,
namely, Vigor, Weapon Battle Power, and the level of the character.
However, level is much more important in the Atma Weapon than most
weapons as it is used for an extra multiplier. Additionally, the
difference between the character's current HP and maximum HP is also
factored in.

As a side note, the Atma Weapon also ignores defense, which makes it
all the more powerful.

The length of the Atma Weapon depends solely on the amount of damage it
does. So the higher the damage, the longer the appearance.

For the exact damage formula's refer to Terii Senshi's Algorithms FAQ
directly, which can be found at GameFAQs:


Q: Can I steal an Atma Weapon (sword) from AtmaWeapon (monster)?

A: No. You can only steal a Ribbon or Elixir from AtmaWeapon.

There are only two Atma Weapons in the game. The first is in the Cave
to the Sealed Gate. The second can be stolen from the third tier fight
directly before facing Kefka in the final battle. In this third tier
fight, the party faces two enemies, one appearing as a female, the
other appearing as a male. The male has the Atma Weapon. (The female
has the Ragnarok). Of course, given that this is the final battle, it
is already a point of no return, so this second Atma Weapon has limited
use compared to the other.


Q: Why can't I steal a Ragnorak from Doom?

A: No. You can only steal a Safety Bit from Doom.

There are only two Ragnaroks in the game. The first is acquired from
the man in Weapon Shop in teh World of Ruin. The second can be stolen
from the third tier fight directly before facing Kefka in the final
battle. In this third tier fight, the party faces two enemies, one
appearing as a female, the other appearing as a male. The female has
the Ragnarok. (The male has the Atma Weapon.) Of course, given that
this is the final battle, it is already a point of no return, so this
second Ragnarok has limited use compared to the other.


Q: Is there a Gamma Sword?

A: No. Fly around Kefka's Tower for years if you'd like, it still won't
magically appear in your inventory. This is another of the half-baked
rumors floating around this game (this one with no grounds for basis).


Q: I am missing two relics. Where are they?

A: Probably on Umaro. Many people try to have the man on the Airship
unequip all party members, then find they are missing two relics for no
apparent reason. For whatever reason, the man on the Airship cannot
take relics off of Umaro, so you'll have to do that manually.

Thanks to mnrogar for pointing this out.


Q: Can I revive General Leo?

A: No. He's dead. His whole death scene would be rather pointless if you
could just go and revive him, now wouldn't it?

No, don't go fighting 4000 battles in the dinosaur forest, it is
entirely pointless. No, there will be no "Gold Dragon" monster that
appears if you do. And no, it will not drop a "Revival Potion" upon
defeat, because again, it does not exist.

There is no way to revive General Leo. He's dead. Just like both
Tellah and Galuf before him, and Aeris after him. Please, pull your
head out of your ass, and stop believing every half-baked rumor someone
throws your way.


Q: Can I delete save files?

A: Apparently not. Just save over them.


Q: What is the difference between Final Fantasy III and VI?

A: Well, the North American version "Final Fantasy III" is the same game
as the Japanese version "Final Fantasy VI". It is called VI in Japan
because it is the sixth Final Fantasy game (makes sense, eh?). It was
dubbed III over in North America, because it was the third Final
Fantasy game released over here.

"Final Fantasy III" in Japan was a game on the Famicon (the name of the
original Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan). After the release of
Final Fantasy X, this game has become infamous as "the game with the
Onion Kid".

As for actual differences in the game itself, there is not much at all.
A lot of the names were different, some of the graphics were more
revealing (e.g. Siren's ass is showing, the goddess form of Chadarnook
has a lot less mist covering it, etc.), and the character's all had a
named job class.

For more information refer to Cless' Differences FAQ found at GameFAQs:

* * * * * * * * *

Credits and Special Thanks

- MasterZed <> -
Information such as boss stats, skills at level gain, and various
other tidbits are referenced from his various documents that can
be readily found at his site. It is probably the single largest
compilation of Final Fantasy VI information out there.

- Terii Senshi <> -
Various bits of information were pulled from his Algorithms FAQs.
Additionally, information on several game glitches was found on
his website.

- Mynock <> -
His guide has stood the test of time, and though it should very
well qualify as being antique, it is still the best guide there is
for Final Fantasy VI. The method for obtaining the Water Rondo
dance was taken from his FAQ.

- mnrogar, assassin17 among other posters at the GameFAQs FF III Message
Boards <> -
Thanks for answering the common questions asked and subsequently
alerting my dull mind to various things that I never knew about.

- GameFAQs and CJayC <> -
First, thank you for hosting this guide and all my others. Second,
for creating and single-handed running GameFAQs.

- Squaresoft <> -
Thank you for creating the greatest games on Earth.

- Whoever else I forgot -
Which will likely be many people, considering how bad my memory is.

* * * * * * * * *

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